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Nike Air Foamposite One Performance Review

The Nike Air Foamposite One is actually some people’s favorite shoe  to buy . Team USA’s lineup is all set for the 2016 Rio Olympics , but we’ve already seen a number of patriotic takes on their current signature models from the KD 9 to the Kyrie 2.

Today we are talking the  Nike Air Foamposite One USA .

Nike Air Foamposite One will feature all new looks that will have you wondering why they weren’t released in years past. The Nike Foamposite “Olympic” will release on July 22nd for $250 USD and dons a clean White upper with Obsidian accents and University Red meshing well with an icy outsole.

For traction :

Carbon plates are particularly clear because of this transparent gel. The shoe is especially comfortable to wear, because the full length  zoom used . Front to back they were decent at best but players often need stable traction for every direction other than front to back.


Heel lockdown is not very well . The shoe itself is pretty heavy on-court but add the flopping heel into the equation and you get one of the most annoying fits I’ve ever experienced

Let us look at it the insole, there is a Nike logo , in addition the insole is an American flag star .

The Foamposite shell is stiff,Having the double last midsole is addition to the stiff upper is like trying to run with bricks attached to your feet. The materials will actually outlive the glue holding everything together. So maybe this reason is annoying us .

For Cushion – Once the shoe is broken-in, then the cushion begins to soften up. I have to say it is not very well . Its strange having a shoe that features full length Zoom which double stacked in the heel ,thought it seem so firm from outside .

Overall , fit is great after it molds to your foot with the exception of the heel,and it is a little stiff .  If there were better heel lockdown available then the shoe would have played a little smoother and less clunky,and will be mre and more popular .

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