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Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit Performance Review

Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit has been released 18 years since 2008.

Hyperdunk  has always given the impression of “constantly innovating and walking in the forefront of Nike technology”. From 2008 to 2012, Hyperdunk experienced  more times, and then become a series we talk about .

After Leo Chang accepted the banner of Hyperdunk, each generation of Hyperdunk was full of imagination at the beginning of the sale. From the 2015 “market collapse”, 2016 “surprises”, and to now , we finally have the opportunity to experience React’s “true feeling”, Today we are talking the  Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit .


For the support ,The support comes directly from the fit, and the fit was wonderful once fully broken in. The Flyknit wrapping your foot, internal heel counter, and ankle pillows provide balance and stability. It did the excellent for  supporting .React just didn’t work well for my style of play.

For traction ,The outsole traction pattern was created by data-informed pressure maps of feet in the Nike Sports Research Lab.The bottom of the shoe has used XDR technology, so that the wear resistance has been guaranteed, and the new bottom line also improve grip .Swoosh created a traction pattern that manipulated the foot’s impact and movement to ensure a supportive base that is fine tuned for areas that require traction the most.

I’d say that the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit’s traction definitely  amazing and fit , Of course, some wiping was necessary on dusty courts, but I didn’t skip a beat from either going end to end on-court or having to defensively slide in transition to cover on defense. For the tongue ,  it is convenient to wear it .but it is not very well for playing .I feel something in the shoes , I dont like this feeling .

For  cushioning ,The React foam takes time to break-in.  The react is did excellent job . In fact, React is not like the  Lunarlon. Is it better than Zoom Air? Is it like Bounce? Is it better than Boost? a lot of people will confused  for these questions before Hyperdunk released . Actually the  React does not seem so easy .

the heat from my feet molded the foam when I playing within two hours .  the foam will be felt — but not by much. Without the Ortholite insole the cushion itself would feel far too firm.

“To be the first to wear the latest Hyperdunk means the world to me, we’re talking about Nike Basketball here, the biggest athletes in the world and being the first one to actually try this new technology is amazing. Mom, I made it. When you’re talking about Nike, you’re talking things that last for decades,” says Green. “This shoe is lightweight, it has a resilience in it. It has the bounce so it keeps me sprinting and moving around just like I want to.”

REACT cushioning actually did  it job well . this new technology  is great .

The grip of the shoe is closely related to the texture of the outsole and the material. the XDR  can be excellent on the ground, and there will be amazing on the wet tiled floor.

For material ,the upper is constructed entirely of Flyknit and it’s super comfortable around the foot. From the reinforced toebox with nylon yarns to the modified stretch tongue, Flyknit on a basketball shoe has really come a long way.The Swoosh is always innovating, so I wouldn’t call it a failure, but it’s an evolved version of Lunar in my opinion.Because of XDR’s material , the durability is great .The materials made the Hyperdunk 2017 come to life and it showcases one of the best builds on the market today.

Because of the lining inside , we are less optimistic about the permeability of shoes. However, because some tongue is set up sufficient permeable zone, the permeability in the upper part have a great excellent permeable . Plus the upper itself is thin, But in  summer  I still feeling  obvious stuffy foot feeling.

The weighs 395 grams (44.5 yards) of Hyperdunk 2017 FK with the same size Hyperdunk 2016 FK (422 grams) light of nearly 30 grams, and Super.Fly 2017 (412 grams) compared to others are light of nearly 20 grams. While both the upper support and anti torsion, Hyperdunk 2017 FK advantage is obviously, May  it is the reason why i still want to try  the Hyperdunk 2017 FK after cancel the  ZOOM .



Overall – The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 is by far one of the most solid shoes I’ve played . it is excellent  sneakers .

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