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Jordan 2017 vs Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Reviews

The Jordan Super.Fly2017 and Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit  are releasing in August . they are feuture with  technology and fashion design, but also it  is refreshed in the sneaker world  . Some people wondering know which one ie best ?  after all, two kinds of  shoes used React technology .

Today we are talking about the difference of two kinds of shoes .

For the React ,Nike React is part of Nike’s cushioning revolution, redefining what’s possible with foam and other cushioning platforms — such as Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% featuring ZoomX — to deliver options for every athlete.

This is from the official site . The React is the new material and a lot of  people feel comfortable . it is not  soft but it will protec our feet that we can not feel the pain even we playing  a long time .

The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 usesd  the Nike New React i nthe midsole and embeds the retainer to stabilize the shoe structure. By utilizing Nike React foam, the Super.Fly 2017 optimizes cushioning across every footfall, whether a lateral cut to the hoop or a full sprint to a breakaway dunk.

However  the Hyperdunk 2017 uses the same React cushioning technology, full length React also added a Nike React foam too . “Right away you notice the responsiveness of Nike React,” says Griffin. “Whatever move you make, it goes along with you.”  thats the Nike’s goal

For the material ,

Jordan Super.Fly shoes are different in material and process from Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit. Jordan Super.Fly  used lleather fabric, in contrast, Hyperdunk 2017 advantage lies in Flyknit to ensure directional extension and breathability, the most surprise is the weight of shoes is lighter .  Green siad that  “This shoe is lightweight, it has a resilience in it. It has the bounce so it keeps me sprinting and moving around just like I want to.”

 to be continued

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