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Russell Westbrook Tours China to Deput Air Jordan 32

Russell has been made stops in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei as the lead ambassador of the Jordan brand.

He visited Guangzhou recently , here are some news  him as below :The most exciting news is the Air Jordan 32 is releasing soon .

“If you love basketball, don’t ever be scared of any difficulties,” Westbrook said.”Forget about everything and just focus on making breakthroughs, and that’s the greatest charm of basketball.”That is Russell said and the words always as the light of  most fans of his .

In this travel in Guangzhou ,he debuts the “Rossa Corsa” , actually the picture has been gone around on the internet . Now we can see the clearly picture and it is will be released in China first .

The Air Jordan 32 will first hit retail in the “Rossa Corsa” colorway on September 23rd in china . this red-suede color way is a nod to the Italian roots of the Air Jordan 2 as it features the word “Bellissimo” on a tag inside the tongue.Is it Amazing and exciting ? The hot colorway in the court as  usually .

The Air Jordan 32  that draws design inspiration from the Air Jordan II and blends it with the best basketball-specific innovations that the brand has to offer. As we know Jordan Brand designers have delivered the message that a high-performance basketball shoe can be equally effective in its beauty, and back in 1987 that standard was set with the debut of the Air Jordan II.

He is shy at beginning ,but when he talking  the basketball and the sneakers , He is talkative  . Russell is friendly and nice.

In this tour ,there is a game , fans are excited that watch the game ,also the game is amazing , Russell is very  good at the basketball and talk a lot the skills at the interview .

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