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Air Jordan 13 Love and Respect Performance Review

Since the 2016 year , there are a lot of sneakers which have new design and material ,tech and so on .But the Air Jordan 13  as the classic shoes in the sneaker world.

Inspired by Michael Jordan’s ultimate love and respect for the game of basketball, the themed colorway will not only release in a colorway for men, but one for women, as well.

Today we are talking about it .

for the box , it is nothing special .

“What is Love” the Air Jordan 13 once again receives a his and hers treatment, this time in flipped black and white colorways with “Love and Respect” graphics in reflective material around the heel.The white with black  are both match the them.

For material ,The AJ13 is one of my favorites in terms of comfort and on-court use. the PU coated leather are amazing  .I can feel the snug and soft  when playing , even I played longer time , it is still good at my feet .Additionally, the carbon fiber plate is actually made of carbonized fibers.

However the  breathability is not good , especial for summer .That was disappointed  but we I can accept .

For supporting ,Lockdown is awesome, plain and simple. After a short break-in period the leather will soften up a bit.That is one of  reason what I loved .And the form of the heel protected the feet . It is amazing . Snug and soft , that what I feeling . I liked the feeling of the 13 , seems it is can give me a power .

For  cushioning .  Heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion are perfect .  it’s not quite as springy as the Air Jordan 13, especailly when I playing longer time , I would like it  anyway .



For traction , actually the  traction are just so so . it is not very good for me , especially on- court .  I can feel it stick ,the traction will break-in and give you plenty of coverage on the court.After nearly a week’s worth of playing, yeah , I have a little disappointed .Luckily, that isn’t the case.

For fitting , it is the true size .The fit its great and provides plenty of support and the base is nice and wide which does take some getting used to .

Overall . it is the gift for the 20 years Anniversaries. As the fans , it is not only a  sneakers , but a memory .

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