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Air Jordan 6 ‘Sport Blue’ Performance Review

The Sport Blue is an original colorway that had never been re-released before. So it was the most popular colorway in the summer , because of the fresh  and perfect quality .

Today we are talking about it .

For the box ,it is nothing special .there are details in the side .


While classic colorways like the Infrared and Oreo were referenced, apparently the Jumpman had even more obscure nods like the recently retroed Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue” in mind. Black on the upper linings provide a great contrast finishing off the sneaker’s look.

For the material , material layers placed along the upper which provided me with proper fit and  support what I need indeed .  durability is pretty nice .

For traction : it was  impressive  for the traction  which specific traction pattern to keep your foot planted on the floor no matter what you were doing. I can feel free when  running , especially the grip actually great.

For the cushioning : The Polyurethane  used which it is dense and the Air Units are embedded within so you won’t receive a comfortable ride but the impact is being absorbed a little.i have to say it is comfortable when we jump  to down . I can not feel the stiff  under the cushioning .

For the VentilationQuite possibly the most well ventilated Air Jordan model within the entire lineup. Plenty of perforations are in place and they aren’t blocked or lined with excess materials hindering the air flow.

Overall, the size was right , if you are looking for the durability & ventilation  are great , cushion is nice then the Air Jordan VI may be a good option for you.

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