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Air Jordan 12 Doernbecher Performance Review

The Air Jordan 12 ‘Doernbecher will be part of the 2017 Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Collection and is designed by Carissa Navarro. Carissa who is 9 year old and  suffering from a congenital kidney disease. With the twin sister Savannah help , Carissa survived . Nike and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, have been collaborating for more than 13 years since 2004. In the meantime, And Nike has been donated to DB Hospitals  about $ 14 million  for the treatment

Today we are talking about it .

For the box ,it  is  green colorway  seems more alive .

for the front of the boxes, there is the girl who Carissa Navarro  is happy to take the shoes , she smile and some details of the shoes .

For the Air Jordan 12 Doernbecher DB featured a Black, Hyper Violet and Pink Blast color combination.  Carissa was born without kidneys, but Savannah helped her stay alive in the womb until she could begin dialysis. “She’s the best sister ever,” said Carissa of her twin.

and this time  the shoes was Designed by Carissa Navarro .


For the material :  at the beginning , Carissa wants a pair of lovely fluffy shoes, through talking  with the designer,  they the final decision to use suede as the main material and with dot patterns on both sides of the upper. it is soft and lovely .

But for the ventilation , it is not very good .


Carissa puts a pizza pendant on the front of the shoe to show off her love for pizza.


“Hope “on the tongue replaced  the original  nike logo  which  expressing Carissa’s optimism about life.She love the life and smile at everyone .


“I put pizza on my shoe because pizza is delicious!” she smiles.  we can see the lovely pizza in the front of shoes .

The family logo show the loving of her family 


The outsoles, donned in a camo print of black, pink and purple, pay tribute to her favorite stuffed animal and her favorite sports. and her favorite animal of the dog .  Perhaps the most touching detail, the heel tab of the left shoe features a tribute the sister that kept Carissa alive in the womb, Savannah. 


In the heel of the shoe, there are the names of Carissa and her twin sister, Savannah. Carissa hereby expresses her love for Savannah.


“I’ve got fuzzy in my soul” , she said that 

For the traction : Herringbone is featured in similar fashion to the previous Air Jordan signature , and it is nice . for the colorway , it is lovely .



For the cushioning :  Full length Zoom Air used again , it is great that the nike still used it . you gain more appreciation for a shoe after you’ve played in them.If you are looking for a hoop shoe that has low profile, responsive cushion then look no further as the Air Jordan XII will meet and possibly exceed your expectations. It is great .

Overall, dont miss it , it is a lovely shoes and  in the meantime nike still keep the  features of Jordan shoes , the great cushioning and amazing material , especial the love  which  the life .

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