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Nike Kobe XI Performance Review

“Throughout my time with Nike, I’ve obsessed the details of my shoes. For the KOBE 11, we worked to perfect Flyknit for basketball,” said 17-time All-Star Kobe Bryant.So the KOBE 11 is the new and perfect shoes features Flyknit technology that includes thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) yarn for superior strength, the brand’s first shoe to feature this new iteration of Flyknit.

today we are talking about it .


For the box ,it is nothing special but simply

there are the details of the side

The low-top and simplified silhouette appears familiar at the first glance, One could be fooled into believing that they’ve seen this before. but maybe you are wrong.  See those pearlescent fibers close ? Those are thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) threads, an indication of progression; and, despite their subtlety, an announcement of the arrival of an evolution, a stronger iteration of Nike Flyknit.

For the materail :The KOBE 11 features an advanced version of Flyknit technology that integrates thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) yarn for superior strength.It’s not infused with glue either. so it is perfect that for the materail  which  provides the flexibility that one expects from FlyKnit, but provides a lot of structure and support.

The TPU reinforces zones in the upper which  reducing the shoe’s weight without compromising strength.

For the Ventilation ,  it is amazing . I can feel the air through the shoes when playing . maybe the reason why is  material , it is nice .

For the supporting : because of fit and structured Flyknit, they can provide the  support along the upper. The internal heel counter works perfectly,  and the shoes sit very low to the ground which aids in your natural ability to stabilize yourself in you close the ground . The outsole is flat and features two prominent outriggers to help keep you from tipping over if you were to lose your balance.

For the lacy system ,it is perfect .

For the cushioning :With full-length Lunar foam and integrated heel Zoom used , the midsole cushion set up is definitely adequate enough for the playing .especially for the  close to the ground. Then, this is a pure midsole and if you take it out, there is nothing but the upper of Flyknit material and the rubberized outsole. The Lunarlon protects against grounded impact while providing excellent court feel and mobility.

I like the set up of  full-length Zoom or segmented forefoot and heel Zoom for cushioning, especially being the slightly stockier player .

For the traction:The pattern of the rubber is so tight that when you play on a floor, and the  material of traction is amazing.

you start picking up dust particles fairly quickly.This shoe works well outdoors, but the rubber isn’t going to last you very long

However it will be  dust collectors if the rubber were solid versus translucent due to the pattern itself, not the rubber.  for me , it is doesnt matter .and  the rubber compound used is just more compatible with certain floors. that is enough .


For the fit ,They fit true to size, but the toe has a bit of unwanted volume.For me , I would like choose the  over a half size .because of the FlyKnit doesn’t fit like FlyKnit. Meaning, you still don’t quite achieve that one-to-one fit that you do in the runners that utilize the same material.

Overall ,  the amazing material and cushion ,especially the  great traction and  the TPU strands as they act almost like a flexible roll cage. also the supporting  are nice .that is the great performance basketball shoe that I’d like to choose . Hope that you like it too .


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