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adidas Dame Lillard 4 Performance Review

The “CNY” of Jordan  is popular recently ,and the Adidas also released one popular sneakers too , it is no doubt that it has become the current attracting eyeballs for every major brand.

Damian Lillard is perhaps one of the most criminally overlooked player in the history of the NBA, but there’s no better person in the league that can take it all in stride. And now Damian Lillard’s fourth signature basketball shoe just might be his best shoe yet with a comfortable fit, evolved traction pattern, ventilated upper, and bounce midsole. As one of the league’s best scorers and to playmakers, Dame’s game is already impossible to defend against. Lillard’s body of work speaks for itself, but he’s barely started the peak of career and sooner or later he can no longer be underrated.

For the boxes ,it is normal, just have a logo of Adidas

adidas Dame Lillard 4 features a sock-like fit on the upper that keeps the explosive guard locked in, while a full-length BOUNCE cushion provides him the support he needs when he’s at top form on both sides of the court.  As we know this shoes still used  Adidas tech  —full-length BOUNCE cushion that more supporting and comfortable .

For the material , actually it is normal with the mesh upper . compare with the adidas Dame 4 “Legacy” , it is normal but not have any special. However ,the ventilation is great ,just like other shoes of Adidas .

There is a special design for this shoes . Whether it is a shoe box, a shoe, or a shoe insole , we can feel the meaning of a strong Chinese character. “獒” is mean the  “dog”, and the shoe body “哲” on behalf of the creator name, “信” is the attitude of  the designer.

For the lace system , actually it great .  it is still followed the last version .and it is easy to adjust the shoes

For the traction : I’m not sure what to call this pattern, it is a little like the yeezy boost , but it will stiff then yeezy boost . Whatever its name, it works great, much better than the Lillard 4 especially on dusty floors. The rubber is similar to what’s found on the yeezy boost and adidas Dame Lillard 4 which is a great thing; it is soft and pliable without picking up dust.and the colorway also great. Very minimal wiping on dusty floors with great stopping power just makes me happy.  I enjoyed this traction pattern much more than the last version . Awesome job Adidas!

For the cushioning :Bounce midsole offers the ultimate court feel and superior comfort to take control of the court. it is still the most tech of Adidas .

Overall , the Chinese yesr is coming , so if you like thejordan series , the CNY must you best choice , but if you like the Adidas tech , this one will be best .



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