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Evolutionary History of Kobe Signature Sneakers

For Kobe Bryant shoes series, Kobe System has always been a unique design, it has a named according to Bryant’s physical condition and competition  , adjustment and evolution. Kobe Bryant is familiar with this series ,we  can also realize that each pair have been popular in the sneakers world , they are showing Bryant unique design and needs, and he looking for a more approaching perfect shoes.

Before we start talking about Kobe System, let’s start with an advertising. This is specifically made to work with the Kobe 7 System. Advertising Bryant as a speaker for the presence of Leehom, Az – Ansari, Serena – Williams, Kanye West, Tony – Robbins, Jerry – Rice, Richard Germany – Brandon, Langdon – Donovan, Paul – Rodriguez, Hope – Solo and other elite areas to explain their own successful experience, and to summarize the success of the hierarchy, they already Beyond the pinnacle of success, but you know you have not surpassed the pinnacle of success, which is Kobe System’s ultimate esoteric. At the same time, this concept is also reflected in his new signature shoes Nike Kobe 7 System.

When the signature shoes came to Kobe 7, we saw this  “System” , you can not deny that the designer made an innovation, for how to meet his game shoes needs, the designer have a new innovation with two ways of performance, and it  can be switched at any time in two modes, also it can be considered at the time actually lead a Basketball shoes new wave.

Nike Zoom Kobe 2

Although Kobe 7 was the first to use the  System, friends who are familiar with Kobe Bryant sneakers must know  the  Kobe Bryant shoes, because it used  the Nike Zoom Kobe 2.

For the Nike Zoom Kobe 2, Bryant once explained that the situation is changing rapidly in the face of changing track situation, he needs to choose the right shoes to help him got the score. also  have been watched the  game Bryant , it always have the best shoes on the feet.

There are three versions the one  “Ultimate” version mean “hard work”, all aspects of this version ‘s performance is more comprehensive, and the most significant feature is a Velcro, it is a conventional weapon for  Bryant  to ensure the good score. The”Strength” version of the more emphasis on protection, shoes, fabric material are seams  making it more durable. The “Lite” version is the most light of all three versions, removing unnecessary parts and all strap. Compared to the changes in the design of the shoe upper, the three versions of the Nike Zoom Kobe 2 have used the Zoom Air cushion and carbon plate, also the midsole are improving .

Nike Kobe 7 System

Inspired by Kobe’s hunter image, the Nike Kobe 7 System models cheetahs, jaws, and black mamba embossed patterns on polyurethane upper. Of course, Nike Kobe 7 System uses a pair of shoes and two performance design ways to achieve the game demands.

Shoes are divided into interchangeable “speed module” and “power module.” “Speed module”  which used the Zoom Air ,and we can see the Phylon midsole, and through the fit foot package design to meet the stadium for the light and speed needs.

The main task of “Power Module” is to enhance the wrapping of the ankle and to adapt to the intense physical confrontation during the competition. Therefore, this module adopts the full-sized Cushion midsole and high-top design. Also this module adopts high Elastic design of the mouth, so as to provide better support and protection of both feet.

The use of the Flywire flyer itself provides a good lock for both feet and a 3-D heel bite to give the shoe even greater stability, which also keeps the Kobe 7 System stable for every module used. Under the premise, so that the exchange process is no longer complicated, loose the shoelace directly to replace the module can be replaced, skilled replacement of the general process within 1 minute to complete, you can use efficient to describe.

with a pair of shoes to achieve a variety of options to meet the needs in the game,. However, it was also sold at that time into two kinds, a named Nike Kobe 7 System, this version only provides the speed module, the other called the Nike Kobe 7 System Supreme which  contains the speed module and power module

Nike Kobe 8 System


When Bryant broke the 30000 score  with 34-year-old ,  Kobe Bryant was struggling with the young power, when his shoes started naming System, he led the sneaker weight-loss revolution also his shoes should be how to develop, Kobe Bryant is given the answer is to make all the lightweight shoes, so the new Kobe 8 System was born.

With Hyperfuse’s three-layer composite upperstructure design experience, the final design team fused the Mesh material with the upper support structure to create Engineered Mesh, a project mesh material that was used on the upper of the Kobe 8 to meet Kobe Bryant for the lightweight needs of shoes, but at the same time, in order to ensure the comfort of shoes, the midsole models of the shoes are used Lunarlon midsole.

Kobe 8 System Elite versions are on the market. Unlike previous versions, we were again familiar with the Flywire profile on the Kobe 8 System Elite, followed by the carbon plate support structure, the midsole configuration for the Zoom Air, Apparently for the more intense season after the game to prepare, unfortunately, Bryant failed to appear in the playoffs that year’s game.

Then we met the first pair of basketball shoes with Flyknit—Kobe 9 Elite with super high upper, and the system’s words come to an end. But at this moment, I believe everyone has a better understanding of Kobe System. That is, Bryant’s shoes have become a systematic concept, it is no longer a simple service for a pair of shoes, but to make the entire series more sustainable design of shoes, more scientific and technological configuration, the design is no longer limited to A certain point or a certain direction. Kobayashi brings together all the elements that like, continuous innovation, shoes for the better court, the future, this may be the essence of Kobe System.

Through the change of previous sneakers, we can see that the Kobe series shoes have undergone continuous grinding, exploration and positioning, and his character is similar to the ball style, although the different shapes, but are constantly pursuing the ultimate performance of the shoes, the Its own imprint firmly engraved in the shoes of successive generations. Maybe not all of them are suitable for Kobe shoes, but when you see the iconic Kobe Bryant shoes Logo, this is a perfect shoes .

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