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adidas Harden Vol. 2 “Maroon” Performance Review

Usually people will take some time to accept  new tend and new things .I am sure of some friends will certainly have some criticisms about the design of Harden Vol.2, such as the voice  that” the Harden Vol.1 nice  and  good-looking ah! “,” estimated that the Harden Vol.1’s price increases, “” the design differences too huge , I still used to Harden Vol.1″and so on. For me , the Harden Vol.2 is great.

For the box , it is nothing special. the overall black printed gold LOGO. Can be described as luxury, it is consistent with the kind of feeling Harden usually fans.

Harden’s new sneaker boasts the thickest BOOST midsole yet while being wrapped in a heel traction pattern that should add stability on the court.  also for the color, it is nice with a melon-colored upper and tropical graphics

For the material : Vamp material is more complex, forefoot part of the use of woven materials, it is popular material at present . Completely removed the Harden Vol.1 foot discomfort. The integrated tongue design changed the Harden Vol.1 asymmetrical tongue design. According to the truth, there is a certain amount of pressure on your back. However, Harden Vol. 2 stretch here with a stretch of elastic material, so the pressure on the feet feel good treatment.

For the cushioning : Although it looks like a lot of voluminous Boost, it is not actually that high. Your foot sits below the green line. If you take a look at Fastpass, you can see that it’s actually about 2-3 mm more than the V1 and about 3-4mm than the CLB16. Adidas stated somewhere that it’s the most Boost ever used and technically it might be (read on) . Adidas also swapped out the traditional fiberboard strobel and went back to cloth ala Rose 6.

All these changes sound like you’d get a super soft ride, softer than any Boost shoe in Adidas’s line up doesn’t it? Yep, I thought the same too but it’s the firmest set up out of the Boost basketball line up in the past three years. I personally really liked the set up because it’s a nice blend of speed and impact protection but I know lots of people want it softer (that’s not what she said). I feel like this set up is more BMW like made for quick turns than a comfy floaty ride of a Cadillac.

for the traction : Excessive dust collection is a major issue for this pattern and keeping it free of debris will be your number one priority on the court rather than playing. Even in an NBA practice facility — a nearly pristine court — I wasn’t getting much bite and I always felt like I was going to slip if I put too much pressure on an area of the outsole with the compacted pattern.

For me ,I never received the same bite that I had experienced on the Harden Vol 1, despite the rubber compound being nearly identical between the two sneakers.

there  are some details as below ;

Overall ,the Harden V2 is a first team honorable mention. Had traction been better on dusty floors it would definitely have first team honors. ames Harden freezes defenders with his signature mix of Euro steps, hesitations and lightning-quick crossovers. These basketball shoes are built to create separation from opponents and get buckets with Harden’s go-to must dont miss it .

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