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adidas Harden Vol.2 Performance Review

As the season progressed, Harden also got better, and in the 2014-2015 season, the Rockets ranked second in the Western Conference with a 56-26 defeat during the regular season, which is a rare result for the Rockets over the years , The Rockets once again take off, can not do without the efforts of the star Harden, although twice in the playoffs lost to the Warriors, but the fans are familiar with passionate rocket back

Today, we are talk to the key to opening a new chapter in modernity – adidas Harden Vol.2
When I got my shoes— California Dreamin . The passionate Los Angeles sunset with palm tree graffiti reflects the California dream of every  boy born in Los Angeles. It is also Harden’s California dream.

For the box ,shoe box followed the  Harden Vol.1, the gilding fonts and Harden’s personal Logo, but no more innovative details of the design 

The only difference is the word “Vol. 2” in the corner of the shoebox, indicating that this pair of shoes is Harden’s second chapter.

Harden Vol.2 shoebox texture is slightly better than the other adidas signature shoe box, with Harden’s current high popularity, it is enjoy the great reputation.

For the Harden Vol.2 , everyone has a different aesthetic standards, I personally idea about it . it is more focused on actual combat considerations that it can performance well.

For the material : it is great .The textile mesh at the forefoot required no break-in time while the additional stitching throughout increased the material’s strength quite a bit.we can see the detail as below :

The upper uses the ForgeFiber stitching technology by Adidas , sewing  a layer of coated yarn of TPU on a breathable mesh fabric, which ensures breathability and also it possesses strong toughness ,and it can  enhances the protection of the toe area

The technology was used earlier on AlphaBounce running shoes, while on basketball shoes, Harden Vol.2 was first used.


This composite foam material surrounded with a certain thickness, improve the support and wrapping shoes body, and also has the function of lace hole, so a row of lace hole, but also according to different sports Habits to adjust the shoelace.

In fact, there is already a built-in TPU inside the boots, surrounded by a composite foam material and a thick upturned rubber, which guarantees the triple stability of Harden Vol.2’s  great supporting ,it is show  one word: “steady”.

I like the supporting very much . I was pretty disappointed in this category because I loved the Harden Vol 2, it  followed the first one  version .but is improve the second one .

Harden Vol.2 uses a low-cut design, while the ankle is fully open with that, it can give the ankle sufficient flexibility and free space, the collar with a double hot melt material to do the edge treatment,  here is not recommended to wear socks, hot melt neckline or a little scratch ankle.

Green insole printed with “Harden Vol.2” message

For the traction ; it is great , there are some exact  performance as below:

Harden Vol.2 is just the second pair of signature shoes,it is full of  Harden personal elements on the tongue Harden personal Logo

For the weight : it is just 513.5 g.

Harden Vol. 2 shoe  has both breathable mesh upper , but it also has a very strong flexibility and durability, soft upper and lower moderate hardness,  that is comfort , do you  remember  the problem of Harden Vol.1 ? Harden Vol.2 perfect deal with it .

For the supporting : we  can feel that amazing grip  for Harden Vol.2. and the great design for the toe, I feel comfortable . With ForgeFiber’s upper soft fit, the forefoot will be comfortable  to locked in the shoes, stretch the heel from the instep of elastic material boots, it is nice , although not much filling the lining, it still achieved a  great grip affection

For the cushioning ,The big difference between Harden Vol.1  and Harden Vol.2 . probably  in the  Boost , first the Harden Vol.2   used the  stained anti-dirty Boost  . Secondly, the Harden Vol.2 midsole will be better then the last one . the  cushioning is better, Harden Vol.2 have  the best combination of foot feel . but thickened the Boost midsole, it  will loss of a sense of space of Harden Vol.2

Here are some details as below :

Compared to Harden Vol.1 Fibonacci sequence lines of traction , Harden Vol.2 lines a little messy, but generally there are interoperability, the main force point is similar to the rubber material formula should be the same, but don’t worry the wear resistance.

Overall . the Harden Vol.2 used the full length cushioning ,  the ForgeFiber upper may also be the next “upper leather” technology; a free lacing system that adjusts to each individual’s different needs. ..
lighter weight, and lack of sense of place minor problems may not be suitable for more speed-based style of play, but this pair of Harden Vol.2 or have enough to face the game .

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