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Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

Since Air Jordan 25 released in 2010 ,   it has became a hot  sneaker , and there is a big change that  re-enable full ZOOM in  Air Jordan XXXI Whether it will continue to Air Jordan XXXII used in ? (the midsole in Jordan shoes followed last version before.

The MVP winner in NBA 17-18 season   who Russell Westbrook arrived in Shanghai on September 1, 2017 ,and he begin to campaign  Air Jordan XXXII to with a two-day “Fly Journey”  that also brought Air Jordan XXX2 “Rosso Corsa” with “Ferrari Red” , it has been started with the official public meeting It feature leather material to the toe extension, the upper shoelace with three shoelaces ,retro tongue Air Jordan LOGO and six three-dimensional striped heel, etc., are all in 30 years ago to pay tribute to the Air Jordan 2.


Air Jordan XXX2 “Rosso Corsa” officially released in September 23, 2017 , due to personal preferences of the classic black and red color , the final selection of the same year on sale on October 18 – Air Jordan XXXII “MJDAY” Black and red forbidden

For the box , it is seems simply . there are the details of the side .

Following the XX9 has been used since the split shoebox, cover a slightly matte texture, short side mirror Retro Air Jordan wings LOGO silhouette.

For the weight ,  it just have 485 grams, compared to the others shoes – Jordan Melo 11 about 376 grams (EUR 44), Air Jordran XX9 about 383 grams (EUR 44 ) and Air Jordan RISING HIGH X about 404 grams (EUR 44 ) Adidas D Rose 7 about 441 grams (EUR 43 ), Air Jordan XXXI about 448 grams (EUR 44 ) The data on the shoes are heavy. 

For the material , Air Jordan XXXII upper is mainly composed of several parts: high-density mesh and Flyknit knit material, upper part of litchi leather. I absolutely love the materials.There is no heavy glue usage, no TPU strands or yarn. Just really thick Flyknit that moves well with the foot.but it is comfortable and it can provide the supporting.The areas that do stretch are still extremely thick so you’re getting the most out of the material. It’s been durable so far, although the eyelet areas potentially ripping is a concern of mine. The heel area features synthetic leather or suede (depending on the colorway). I glossed over this area in the Air Jordan 32 video review because I don’t feel it’s anything of great significance and it’s very similar to last year’s Air Jordan 31 setup. It works well and adds strength to the rear section of the shoe ensuring lockdown, but premium it is not.

I it would have been awesome.This is more of a small gripe with the mid because the lowtops feature such a small amount of leather on the heel that it really doesn’t matter. The Mid on the other hand — it uses a lot of material at the rear overlay and it would have been awesome to have seen something similar to what was used on the red suede Air Jordan 21. Exquisite Vintage Air Jordan wings LOGO is really good, forbidden to wear inside the tongue BANNED forks is also the classic story of Air Jordan

For the supporting , it just so so ,the supporting just come from the materail .And  the moderator plate works to increase torsional rigidity and the outrigger was solid.maybe you think the midsole will help a lot when you playing . The midsole sculpt in the rear may be off-putting for some from a design perspective because it isn’t a clean line but it contains the rearfoot well upon lateral movements

Air Jordan 32 used “FLIGHT SPEED” technology: By using the buffer board to control the energy output of each burst and maximize energy recovery, the board not only provides anti-torque function, and ZOOM AIR cushioning unit can control the compression And deformation


 For the traction :it used the crystal materail  with herringbone outsole lines, in fact, it seems that the shoes appear more clearly show the way to the Roman numerals – XXXII  ,And if you played in the dust only affected performance a little .  infrequent wiping was needed on a less than desirable court. If you play on a clean court, or at least one that is properly refinished once a year, you’re going to get a tacky experience that bites when you need it most.For me , it is just so so . but t gripping is better .

For the cushioning ,Air Jordan XXXII used the ZOOM air cushion, forefoot air cushion can be described as stunning, about 79.28 mm length, about 81.92 mm width, about 11.08 mm thickness,the Zoom, it is special , we can feel it when you place enough pressure on the forefoot; it feels nice and it gives you the feeling that it springs into action as you need it rather than it lingering around while you may not be in need of the cushion. This setup is nice , we  can  feels more balanced than unlocked setups in the past.

Air Jordan XXXII High Density  Flyknit with a built-in Flight Web Bonding System that wraps with mesh straps and combines with Flyknit weave to provide ample foot-fitting coverage. With forefoot big “POKER (poker)” ZOOM air cushion, ZOOM air cushion with the configuration of the palm only try to experience cushioning and rebound pleasure

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