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Look at the New James Harden Vol.2 , Is It The Best One ?

Recently the James Harden is popular , even the game in the 31th, Jan , it is hot and crazy . James got over 40 scores in this game , some fans was worry before game , but the fact that Jame got the great scores






Do you remember the “Calling All Creators” shoes , adidas quietly debuted the Rockets star’s new sneaker in a bright orange melon upper with tropical graphics and a black Boost composition. The low-cut sneaker, which has been previewed months ago, features a mesh-based upper with a toe fortified by additional stitching embedded into the shell, while the heel of the sole traction wraps upwards to give Harden’s signature euro-step maneuvers some added stability.

So theJames Harden’s second signature shoe is almost here, as it was initially previewed in a loud colorway with a melon-colored upper and tropical graphics. 

Harden’s new sneaker boasts the thickest BOOST midsole yet while being wrapped in a heel traction pattern that should add stability on the court . and for the colorway , it is nice .It use of red color to highlight the rocket elements, the shallow depth of the transition color also show strengthen of speed for this shoes ! Compare with  the last generation of  shoes , but the outline of the shoes and the details of the design are all new.

Harden Vol.2 liberated the forefoot this time , but put the attention for the midsole.It cancel the entire generation of wrapped leather,instead used the  supporting design which in the heel, but have to say the biggest change is the lace system which similar the last generations of Radlar! This makes Harden Vol.2 a dramatic change from appearance.

Dressed in maroon, this particular iteration is here with an official release date and custom lacing options that will become a signature feature of the Harden Vol. 2.

Shoe theme is still using the most popular one—“socks,” one-piece design, Primeknit material  provides some protection, forefoot has become very soft and comfortable,we need no longer to worry about forefoot crease! Full length boots design can be protected a lot . although it seems normal, but flexible shoelace holes on both sides of the shoe allows you to adjust the laces according according  actual situation

From both sides to the heel are fully surrounded by the bounce material .Followed by the exaggerated wrapping design , the heel  can stable and it work well. Combined with the same texture of the previous generation , the groove appears to be more dense, it  can bring better advanced grip and rapid start

For the traction.The pattern was designed specifically for James Harden and his movements on-court.Again it work well and it is nice .It is lightly which located at the ball of the foot. This is where the pattern is at it’s tightest so a large amount of dust will cause some very minor slipping, but it’s nothing major. though not  anyone can like the James, but  it still help a lot in the court .Not once did I have to wipe the soles of these guys, even when the courts were dusty, and while you may want to believe that is due to the data-driven pattern they came up with, I believe it’s due to the rubber compound.

Currently the official has prepared a variety of colors, different styles, so that fans have more choices.

Overall, Compare with the adidas Harden Vol. 1 ,  Harden Vol. 2 is a improved  not what the cushioning , material of shoes , supporting  and the traction ,even the colorway, it is look great .

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