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Nike PG 2 ASG Performance Review

Nike PG2 “All-Star” gets a release date following last month’s teaser of a “Home Craze” colorway ,so how about this one ?

Today we are talking about it .

For the look , the parred down basketball sneaker gets a tonal grey and orange upper sitting on a translucent blue outsole while its heel tab is printed with five purple PG logos, noting Paul George’s five All-Star Game appearances.


I played 3 hours  in the inside court and outside .so we will talking about the performance today .

For the material :Do you remember the PG2 PlayStation,Paul George’s new signature shoe, which Nike created in collaboration with Sony and was inspired by the PlayStation. Sorry, Xbox, maybe next time.But this one is different. Considers himself one of the league’s biggest gamers. Because of that, he wanted a sneaker which would represent his loved . the colorway is nice . and the material of the upper , actually it is great , it is followed the PG1 which mesh material , it soft and comfortable .

For the supporting :Anti-torsion around, followed by support tpu, forefoot anti-rollover, it is nice for this price . Both sides of the forefoot cortex material used to enhance the package at the same time, also strengthened the side of the support. I feel better than pg1 Velcro, durability than strap.

For the grip , it is great , I have to say this what I want .The texture is similar last version that used the  water ripples, soft rubber material. All-Star is the end of the crystal, it is nice, anyway, I do not hit the ground, wear to me never considered the scope.

The huge nike logo is nice.

For the cushioning : nike zoom , it is great .It features 10mm of Zoom Air in the forefoot. That Zoom adds a nice spring to each step of your is kind of a little soft and comfortable , just like the last version , for me , it is enough in the inside court….. the grip that from the material , it is nice .The materials here are pretty similar to what was used on the PG 1 so if you so if you enjoyed the build of that shoe the PG 2 will be familiar.

Cushion and traction will be the most noticeable upgrades compare with last version , while the forefoot fit may go unnoticed by those with normal shaped feet. However, wide footers may end up appreciating the change in that area.if you playing in the outside , maybe it is not enough .

Overall, that is great .if you liked, or even loved, the PG 2 then I think you’re in for a treat with the Nike PG 1.

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