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Nike Kryie 4 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie 4 is Kyrie Irving’s fourth signature basketball shoe. and all of his shoes ,the best impression is Hyperrev 2014 ferture with Zoom,dominance, with several new colorways,and it was relatively protracted, which was not suitable for the style of the Irving. After that, there other shoes of Irving which more improved. The support of the upper was improved compared to Hyperrev 2014 including the cushioning and supporting .

Nike Kyrie 2 is probably the favorite of Irving,  I have also got my feet on this pair of shoes. Many people will feel that this shoe will be more  brick, but for people like me, I  think it is quite great. As far as I know, Nike Kyrie 2 are actually not much worse in their feet, and they are relatively soft. But 3 canceled the strap, so if you like the strap ,maybe you can choose the Nike Kyrie 2.

For the box ,it is just so so , but for the color way , it is nice .


There is the words  “KYRIE IRVING”in front the box.


For the material ,it was covered with a suede, this material  feels very good texture, but it will may be worn out in the real game. because of it is relatively fragile. The upper is made of fabric, and the overall support is good. At the same time, the upper is more flattened to a certain extent. It can fit the foot surface to a certain extent. However, for the wilder footer,  it maybe be will more pressure .

There is more details as below :


The whole shoe made up by suede material, then both sides  shoe are embroidered with Swoosh logo, Compare with previous generations, the texture  of shoes should be much stronger.The soft feeling of and the smooth are very comfortable. The only worry is that the embroidery thread will be pulled off the line in the game.

The whole material  is very thick, and  the filling heel is about 1.5cm, the inner lining is also relatively soft, and the situation of scraping the heel does not occur. The heel is made of leather, The entire shoe has a radian-like feel. The individual feels somewhat similar to Air Jordan’s 2012 ass.

The inner upper is connected with Flywire, and there’re  total of four Flywires which  relatively thick. The entire boot is not particularly thick, but there is a good sense of softness. The tongue uses a semi-integral design, which means that the tongue part is connected with the inner shoe and the shoe part is free to move left and right. I believe we all know that the advantage of the half-body tongue is that it does not have to worry about the tongue being biased towards the side during running, and it can also be worn easily.

The tongue was sewed with a cortex mark, with the Irving “K” in front of purple and green, and behind the eye of God. There are many sayings about the eye of God. It can be found that the eye of God is the Aquarius celestial body, but the Irving is Aries, so this pattern has nothing to do with the celestial constellation. Irving’s left arm had a pattern such like the eye. The pattern was called Fatima’s hand. The  eye in the shoes  was similar to the eye of God . This pattern was like an amulet. These details can be seen in the very high level of participation of Euroscript people in Kyrie 4, and they also attach great importance to this pair of shoes.

Compared to the  3 insole, the 4’s insole should be thicker, in the sense of promotion of the foot feeling, the black anti-blue upper has the same Irving’s signature

For the traction , the Kyrie 4 is comprised of multi-directional herringbone  which a favorite of mine. I love when traction patterns are aggressive yet traditional; this one mixes a little bit of the old with a little bit of the new.This type of coverage worked really well on a variety of courts and conditions. Although the outsoles started off a bit slick the first couple of nights .

For the cushioning : The midsole are white with purple. The soft part of the purple part of the hand feels good, and the white fibers of the Zoom can also be seen. The wavy lines are used on the inner side of the full bottom . The grip is very strong.The heel still features a Zoom Air unit, that I felt was unnecessary for the most part as I tend to stay off my heels.The feedback from the midfoot  is not bad. The cushioning of the forefoot is a part of my favorite .but there will still be a sense of drag in the forefoot of the start.The midsole is still on the thin side (at the forefoot),but much like adidas’ Bounce, this setup proved to be a well balanced offering of cushioning and court feel.

Kyrie 4’s grip is worth mentioning. The different lines inside and outside the palms give the shoes a great grip. During the dribbling process, the ground and the shoes can be buckled together, allowing me to play well.

For the supporting : It just so so , the Kyrie 4 has an internal heel counter at the rear. It isn’t quite as strong as something like external TPU or carbon fiber,  but some part of supporting is from the material . Also the midsole up front is wide and sits low.  so if you like this type shoes, that is the best option for you .The way it’s sculpted also acts as like an outrigger, which is a huge bonus.

Overall, The Nike Kyrie 4 is Nike’s best performer  what I had . Its very well-rounded on all fronts in a way that makes the Kyrie 4 more like a Hyperdunk. There’s just enough cushion for most, solid traction, fantastic fit and adequate support, and the material is nice ,though the strap was moved , but it is also attraction by a lot of people .

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