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Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 CH Performance Review

NIKE HYPER ADAPT 1.0, designed by Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers, is a pair of sneakers that combine digital, electrical and mechanical engineering, futuristic and high-tech. Since the release of the end of 2016, whether it is automatic shoelaces or flashing light soles, has always attracted the attention of a large number of shoe fans.Nike gave us a glimpse of its limited edition self-lacing shoes Nike Air Mag 2015 (aka 2015 Nike Mag) and it was everything that a fan of Sci-Fi movie ‘Back to the Future Part II’ ever wanted.

Now, it seems that many fans will be able to finally realise their dream at a price that’s not too exorbitant, as Nike has confirmed that its upcoming self-lacing shoes HyperAdapt 1.0 will cost $720 (roughly Rs. 48,700) – earlier speculation had pegged prices at $1,000.

For the boxes ,it is nothing special , just a black with nike logo.

E-A-R-L on the side of the inner box, ELECTRO ADAPTIVE REACTIVE RACING, electrically adaptable system

Shoes and accessories


The power-lacing shoes essentially allow users to adjust the fitting of the shoe by just pressing buttons, located on the is the newest design The shoes will be available through Nike Soho store and the Nike+ with the nike air mag , how do  you think about it ? 

“By doing so, we were able to see the systems that drive the concept and the possibility for further expansion and functionality — a peek back to the future,” said Mindtribe’s Telind we. can see this shoes have new design that  it have more functions .

For the material :  it is used the mesh material , it is nice, just  nike others  shoes , we can feel comfortable .


For the traction ,It has much better stopping power when clean but just as bad on dusty floors so overall it has a slight edge in my book. I’d rate these better than the solid and translucent outsole of the others styles .

For the lace system , it is  great, it is easy to wear and adjust . we can see the details for the colorway and material , it is newest , I  have to say it is nice .

there the EARL  QR code 

there are  the “E” logo inside of shoes , mean the material is  environmentally friendly / non-hazardous.

There are some detail for the traction:

the pattern of  traction is nice and grip is well .

There is the special design in the  midsole — Charging device


For the insole , it is nice . we can feel it comfortable .

Insoles gradually thickening design, forefoot thinnest

The data of insole as below :

for the inside , please check the below : 

Th shoe charging device as below : we can see the details for this one, how to use  it ? there is a Instructions  with shoes coming  , so we can see it clearly .

There is  the details :

It is perfect for the affection, especially for the night ,we can see the light in the night , that is great .

For the weight , it is just 425.3g for the size US 9/42.5 , actually it is  not very heavy. 

Overall, NIKE HYPER ADAPT 1.0 CH NIKE MAG as the lower price version compare  with air Mag , and here is the  battery in the midsole , putting on according to the wearer’s foot automatically by lace system, adjust the upper keys on both sides Fine-tuning can be done.For me,I like the lace system and the midsole parts  which  will light .

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