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Nike Paul George PG2 Performance Review

Nike officially announced Paul George as its newest signature athlete last year, introducing the PG 1 sneaker with an attractive colorway inspired by his character-defining hobbies. After a successful first chapter, the PG 2 released . That is a excited news for the fans and the sneakers enthusiast .

I got one so lucky , so we will checking it .

The highly anticipated Nike PG2 “All-Star” gets a release date following last month’s teaser of a “Home Craze” colorway. The parred down basketball sneaker gets a tonal grey and orange upper sitting on a translucent blue outsole while its heel tab is printed with five purple PG logos, noting Paul George’s five All-Star Game appearances.

For the box , A three-dimensional shoebox pattern may be a recent trend in Nike.

For the material : Paul has always been super-welcoming and very easy to get along with. There was never any awkwardness or anything. so for his shoes , the design will used the more normal color to showing . this colorway is normal . for the material, PG2 followed the PG 1 that the main body is built with a thicker and stronger mesh. While the mesh is a bit stronger, there still isn’t any real break-in time required.


For the cushioning :Paul  wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Zoom and Lunar. With one full process under his belt, so this time the designer definitely learned from the process with the PG1 and even with the 2. The PG 2 offers a setup that is light, stable, and supportive that features 10mm of Zoom Air in the forefoot.  so we  can feel  a nice spring to each step of your stride.


The outsole traction has been spaced out for better grip, and the Zoom bag is 2 millimeters thicker and sits directly under the foot. All of these substantial changes deliver exactly what Paul wants and needs in his shoe. 

For the traction : The Nike PG 2 brings an aggressive pattern to the outsole, and it is  a multidirectional and works well under pressure.  for the traction , the grip is nice , If I  start to quick and jump, the wipe is all you’ll need. The grooves are widely spaced so clogging will rarely occur, making these an ideal shoe for most players that maneuver their way around the court with or without the ball. that is great , is it ?


“T” is his sister— Teiosha, she is a basketball player. PORT is his another sister, she is a volleyball player. It can be seen that family is very important for Paul.

For the supporting :it will be better then the PG1 .some parts of supporting is from the material.There is a small torsional shank in place, nothing new for the budget Nike models at this point, along with an internal heel counter. so it  will be better then PG1.For me. I would have liked to have had a slightly sturdier heel counter in place.

Overall, Cushion and traction will be the most noticeable upgrades while the forefoot fit may go unnoticed by those with normal shaped feet.Then the colorway is normal , it is not like the others shoes with cool colory, but it is nice

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