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The Nike Air Max 98 QS Performance Review

Nike’s newest Air Max 98 release to surface is inarguably its most colorful as well.we can see the pictures below , it is a unique combination of orange, blue, yellow, and purple. Original colorways have always been the pacemaker for maintain the surrounding hype around a sneaker, but introducing a never-before-seen selection as loud as this one will certainly get interested parties talking.

For the box, It is nothing special but simply.

In 1998, everyone has shown weak interest in the sneaker, and it stayed on the shoe racks, also going on sale. Everyone was more interested in the Nike Air Max Plus, which also released that year, making everyone forget about the Air Max 98.

For the traction :The Nike Air Max  was trusted by many runners with neutral gaits and under-pronated foot motion. For me, the mid-sole supported their feet and gave adequate cushioning. I was  able to run comfortably using this product.

There are the details  as below :


it is most colorway with orange, blue, yellow, and purple and black. that is so nice .

And there is a Nike logo on there.

For the cushioning : Air Max is not thought of as a guard cushioning. It is a little unstable and makes the shoe sit higher than most quick players like. But the Air Max unit in the Infuriate is bottom loaded; Nike simply replaced the midsole Phylon with an Air unit. the air unit is soft and bounce , I feel th court feeling is soft too.    I felt the compression along the edges, but overall the heel was stable and very, very plush. On top of that unit is the remainder of the Phylon and where most budget models have been using a harder foam, probably for durability, the foam in the Infuriate is softer. The forefoot is more of that same Phylon, and it is more of the same “feels great after break in time.” it is nice and comfortable .Court feel is a premium factor, and the Infuriate excels in that area without impact protection being completely sacrificed.

For the supporting : the supporting  just solo . Nike Max Infuriate first appeared on the Interwebs back in June 2017 and for some reason was delayed until this past December. One reason for this wait until December could have been to place it smack in between the big signature releases,i lobe it very much , don’t worry .

there is the details of the tongue.

For the system , it is nice and easy to adjust . for the blue color lace, it is also show the beautiful of this shoes.

For the martial :it is new material with suede and mesh material it is comfortable , flexible, durable, and it molds to your foot with no hot spots. The one difference is the addition of the fuse printed patterns on the upper.The upper also received great reviews because of the smoothness of the coverage. But it wasn’t very endearing to a number of testers. They stated that it wasn’t a great investment because the Air Max platform burst on them, as if it was made from cheap materials.


For the insole , it is comfortable , there is a data of insole, please check that as below :


For the weight , it is 432.6 for the size us 9. it is ok, not very heavy.

we can see the details of inside :

the insole of data :

Overall, the Nike Air Max 98 should be coming real soon. Stay tuned to WearTesters for more upcoming information.Overall,

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