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When Sneakers Meet The Anime Culture

As a young pop culture, sneaker culture has a similar audience with the anime Culture. Most of the two cultures have been effected  by young people. When the two culture are combined  to the  world’s most popular culture, I believe all the big boys are irresistible.

Joshua Vides used his own design to vividly display the anime culture . It can be seen that he has carried out some wandering designs on the classic AJ1 and AF1. He added black outlines to the silhouette of the shoes, as if the shoes seems like comics were drawn and they were not clearly distinguished.

The popularity of “Dragon Ball” is one of the best in the world. Not only in Asia, but also in Europe and the United States, the influence is extensive. Therefore, we can often see the combination of some shoes and Dragon Ball. Perhaps because the “Dragon Ball” style is presented in the style of juvenile adventure, muscle, and fighting.

Shaquille O’Neal’s son Sharif O’Neill was on foot with AJ10, which was a combination of Dragon Ball, and was specially designed by sneaker customist kickstradomis. The sneaker upper has a three-dimensional super Saiyan form of Sun Wukong, Vegeta, and Sun Gohan with exquisite pearl skin material. It is a lightning effect transition under the state of purple orange blue with Super Saiyan. It’s looking so frisky that it’s impossible to buy.


In 2014, Jordan Brand teamed up with Inoue Takehiko to launch a  AJ6 . On the classic AJ6, it is created with the iconic full-red color  and printed with classic pictures in the comics, which are expressed by 3M reflective materials.

In the past 2017, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s 1released to celebrate the  the special-camera “Seventh Altman”. Both have also cooperated.


Inspired by Severvin Altman, this shoe is designed with Altman’s red color. The  shoe is placed in the armor-like silver material of Severvin Altman. He designed Altman on the tongue. Energy lamp on head. The insoles of the sneakers are printed on the left and right sides with the pattern of the Sayman Altman in half, showing the characteristics of Altman  in every detail.

In 2015, Marvel joined forces with Adidas to launch a Marvel-themed basketball shoe collection. Inspired by Marvel’s four famous super heroes, Captain America, Raytheon Sol, Iron Man and Hulk, Hulk will transplant their respective features to Crazy 97, Real Deal, Top Ten 2000 and T-mac 1.

The color of the iconic characters is more distinctive on the shoes. The first pair of shoes can immediately think of the corresponding super hero. Don’t know if you like T-Mac 1’s Hulk coloring.

I believe that all 80 and 90 years like the “Pokemon” and it was popular extremely , it does not matter anyway everyone want a Pikachu.The Pokemon’s various elf images also have been occur the sneakers world .

Some app has portrayed the Pokemon story on the game platform in the  worldwide, so everyone has the opportunity to start their own adventure. The famous overseas sneaker designer Jeff Cole also combined the popular Pokemon elements.

We have seen several of his designs in the exquisite, VaporMax’s ultra dream color, AJ12’s ghosts, UltraBoost Uncaged’s wonderful frog seeds, NMD R1’s Pikachu, AJ31’s fire dragon, AJ7’s water turtle are all his designs. idea. I believe that every big boy will not be reminded of his own childhood and the adventure that he once imagined when he saw these designs again. “Go ahead, Pikachu.”

Overall, The animation of blood, youth, battle, and adventure is popular in the European and American markets. Also the anime Culture such as the  Dragon Ball and Pokemon are a far-reaching influence on sneaker world .

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