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Nike Lebron 16 Oreo Performance Review

The Nike LeBron 16 is the sixteenth signature shoe by Nike for LeBron James. And this one will be his new shoe in this season .


A new one LeBron 16  released, using the  midsole cushioning technology which the same as the last model . The tongue part was modified and optimized. At first look, this is  the biggest change of the 16th generation of James compared with the previous generation.But how about the performance review ?

We will check it today

This black with red color way has been eye-catching, embroidered James’s children’s name abbreviated <BBZ> on the left , and the hometown Akron’s area code <330>on the right, while the tongue and tongue embossed  the by Charity that James cooperate .The initials of LeBron’s three children embroidered on the left heel and “330”—the area code of Akron—can be seen on the right. These replace the large lion head that has been seen on previous pairs.



The rest part ,such as the  signature  of James and the 23rd number were also appeared on the tongue. This LeBron 16  has been popular  At first ,I felt that it still  a little stiff of the traction just like the LeBron 15 .The thick midsole cushions bring a good cushioning while at the same time, for some light weight who like the more responsive maybe not like this one as usually . The three air chambers cover  which more feedback . The cushioning of these shoes is quite great. The feedback of the rebound has been the reason that customers like . It can be said that this technology that has been used continuously for 2 years is a double-edged sword. Full of personality also requires the wearer to adapt.



For the traction :

The LeBron 16 features a  wavy design with a simple structure and a frictional mid-level. But this time, the anti-rollover function of the sneakers has been strengthened. The expansion of the forefoot outsole has increased compared with the previous generation. The feeling in actual combat is amazing. It kinda even reminds me of those indoor soccer boots’ outsoles.

Now talking about those dirty courts, you wanna watch out for those dust by wiping your outsoles periodically to keep that solid bite alive. And you really don’t need to step your wiping game up. but the translucent traction actually not  easy to keep clean.


For the wrapping , The new tongue design will be help a lot .Compared with the last model–Lebron 15 , the leather material has been improved, which has increased the texture of the shoes.Across the whole shoe‘s upper, there‘re four different BattleKnit sections that do different tasks. Let‘s start from the toe box. There we do have this more traditional looking knit, yet it‘s way more structured to surely hold up toe drags.But we can feel more comfortable for this kind of material.

At the same time, It is currently a new integrated solution for tongue and upper. The upper kart of the upper uses a kind of knit material . The toe protection is even better. The flat laces also make it easy to fasten the shoes. However, the replacement of the laces of the LeBron  16 is basically not feasible.



The battleknit material  seem stiff. Plus the nylon inner boot, the insertion of the lace hole  will be difficult to through .



For cushioning :

It is used the ZOOM Air & MAX Air mesh up together with pretty thick Phylon layer on top to keep all this AIR madness controlled. it just followed the LeBron 15  setting.And of course, this particular setup alone from a construction stamp point, reminds me of the KD 9’s articulated ZOOM Air tooling.

In terms of anti-torsion, it is definitely better than the previous generation. But compared to other sneakers, because of the higher midsole height, it is prone to complete the action, the two sides of the function is very prominent, it is optimized in terms of protection.

Overall, as the new generation of  Lebrun 16 ,it is new and more color ways . After our actual combat evaluation, it has optimized the shortcomings of the previous generation, but the same outsole frame makes it a 15.5-style modified sneaker, and the advantages and disadvantages of the sneakers are also obviously outstanding. The shock plus the upper support is a plus item, and the relative sense of the field and the sensitivity of the midsole drag it back. If you buy 15 generations and like its cushioning or foot feel, then these 16 generations will definitely make you like, and if you have more pursuits of breakthrough speed and change, then these shoes may not be suitable

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