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Whats Difference Between adidas Prime LTD and Ultra Boost

The adidas adizero Prime LTD is essentially an adizero Adios Boost 3 with a primeknit upper. This means you get a responsive boost midsole and a proven race chassis that provides ultimate responsiveness with a smooth ride. But compare with the Ultra Boost ,it is similar with Ultra Boost 3. 0 and Ultra Boost4.0. Whatever the material or the look .

We will check the difference between of two pair of shoes today


For the Ultra Boost ,whatever the Ultra Boost 3.0 or Ultra Boost 4.0, The look of theses shoes actually don’t like the Ultra Boost 1.0,and for the feeling of wearing , actually I am a little disappointed .Then I bought a new shoes adidas Prime LTD, that is give me a nice feeling of ride.Adizero prime ltd, when the shoes just released, I remember that the online sales are very small, the basics of the goods are all purchased from overseas, the price is also expensive, also there are a lot of colorways.

For material :

The material is comfortable.The right shoe sports an orange piece of rubber at the heel of the outsole while the left features a green piece of rubber in the same place. The orange in the Primeknit upper is more dominant in the left shoe (with the green piece of rubber at the heel) .The prime knit upper is a stretchy knit sock, and it fits snugly. The green in the Primeknit upper is seen more throughout the upper of the right shoe.When I was running the knit upper stretches and holds your foot well over the midsole. The heel counter and ankle collar are exceptionally comfortable.

For cushioning:

The cushioning followed the Boost , The feeling is almost the same with Ultra Boost. As we know ,we can felt a great feeling of Boost,especially for running .I was pleased with the way the small amount of BOOST provided enough protection and cushion. At 8.45 oz. for a size 10.5, it is easy to pick up the pace in Parley, it was also fun.I am running in the country road that with more sand and stone, I can felt a lot of the feedback and responsive.I was hurt my ankle before ,but it was comfortable at slower paces and felt good enough that I started testing my turnover. I was confident in the shoes and finally was able to push the pace.




The upper is full of woven material, the three bars on the side are printed, so it look a bit like a pair of socks, the woven feel of the upper is very similar to that of Ultra Boost  the feeling of elasticity, compared to the stiff woven shoes of zoom all out Face, The woven upper of adidas will come more closely, and more comfort.

When I was purchasing, I saw that it was a fully woven upper, and I was worried that it would be as special as the previous running shoes of the Nike. When I got it, I found that it is surprise for the woven upper.It is will lockdown the  feet well.And the ankle of shoes ,it  is look like the Nike Flyknit running shoes . However  it is will be comfortable, and it is convenient.



The outsole is more conventional adidas running shoes. The outsole is made of horse brand rubber and adiwear wear-resistant technology. Personally I feel that these two technologies have useless  on the outsole of this shoe, and the outsole rubber is very thin, but it is comfortable. The durability of these shoes may be a potential problem.The midfoot uses the conventional torsion system torsion technology, the area is not small, it is trustworthy.

The actual feeling  between the Ultra Boost and adidas Prime LTD is that much tighter than Zero. The specific reason is that there is a TPU on the side of the Ultra Boost. The tightening of the shoelace plays a role. The second is the thicker lining of the heel of the shoe. The heel will have a little sponge lining, in addition to a separate woven upper. The feeling of the two pairs of shoes in the forefoot and the vamp are similar. It is not difficult to see the reason of the upper. The toe of the two pairs of shoes is the same design, they surrounded by a circle. It is a relatively dense weave, and the middle is a relatively sparse weave, so it is almost identical in terms of wearing the foot.

For the cushioning, in a word, Ultra Boost 1.0 ,it is finished Adizero, because Ultra boost 1.0 is really cool, even better the Ultra boost , I have been wearing it for 3 years, almost it has been no attenuation, the cushioning has still very soft and responsive .

Ultra boost also have a great experience of the cushioning .It make you feel that this layer of boost also holds your foot, and then will push your foot up (I have no feeling of  2.0 and 3.0 such that )



The boost of Ultra Boost are different , the Ultra Boost will be more thick. Everyone knows that the Ultra Boost bottom has two layers boost (at least it looks like two layers). The lower layer has a lateral stripe road, and the upper layer is bare and it has been no grain, zero. The same is true, it is also two layers of bottom , but the layer with no grain on the zero is thinner than the Ultra Boost. And the layer with the grain should look almost thick.


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