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Adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review

When I was a student especially as a college student,I remembered clearly that the basketball player,Derrick Rose was one of my favorite players. And until now,I still like him very much.Though there were some things such as injuries,trades and jumping around the league,finally he still has his own shoes that are quite excellent . And I knew I was longing for it and with fortune,I finally got one pair.So, today I will check it for you.

Here,I will still talk about the shoe’s appearance first. To tell you the true,when I saw the official images of Rose 9 for the first time,I even can’t believe it is Rose 9. Maybe you’ll ask,”why?” I must tell you that this is because I have experienced the Rose 8 which brought me much disappointment in many aspects.But the Rose 9 has made up of this.

As you can see, the shoe type is not only beautiful but also cool. The shoe looks a bit slender overall and it gives you motivation when starting up. In other words,you can have a breakthrough in your speed.For this version,its color is mainly white and also has the matching of black and pink. To a personal level, this kind of colorway is so lively and characteristic.

Looking at this shoe,don’t you have a desire to own it? At least for me,I do. I think I be deeply attracted to it.


There is an obviously logo and a rose logo on the heel is also made of embroidery. So nice!


As for the traction,I think it is a bit colorful. In the middle part,you can see there is Rose’s personal signature,and the design of the traction also becomes a highlight of the shoe. Though it has equipped with Adiwer tech which was said to be durable ,I think it still needs some improvement. But on the other hand,its grip is still very good and there is no any slipping problems.

There is a TPU equipped in the shoe,but,based on my personal experience,I think the tear resistance performance is just so so though it is hard.Therefore,I am a little disappointed.


Next, it’s about cushion.For years,I have always been hearing that ”Boost is life” ,so is that right? Well,everyone has his own idea,but apparently Derrick Rose and his designers didn’t agree. This time we can not see the Boost in Rose 9,instead,it equips  with the Bounce tech. Well,though the midsole of Rose 9 is a bit slim, it is still comfortable. And it can absorb impact just fine and it rides low for great court feel, but there is just no real feedback, no response to forces. When getting into your next step and move it is perfect because the Bounce is full-length,so transition is great.

When you first get it,you can obviously feel the toe is hard,but this helps you start up.And cushion of the heel is enough,which feels like stepping on some soft things.Excellent!

In terms of the support, Rose 9 does well in this point. You’ll feel super stable in it and there is no extra room for your foot to move because the shoe tightly lock your foot in it. But if you are expecting some support from the laces then you are getting wrong as there is no any help from a lateral standpoint. It is just enough for you.

As an old saying goes,”Whether the shoe is suitable for you,only you know.”.So,if you ask me about the fit,I will tell you that only your foot knows the answer. I can only give you my experience. I think the fit was perfect for me.The length on the big toe area is almost OK. At least until now,I can’t find other shoes that are more suitable for me.


There is no deny that Rose 9 is such a nice and characteristic sneaker. It is suitable not only for actual combat,but also for daily wearing.However, though it has a beautiful appearance,its actual performance is just OK. But with a lower price,I only suggest some fans of Rose buy it or you may feel disappointed.So if you have higher requirement for actual performance,then it might not be suitable for you. Everyone one loves to be beautiful ,then why not grab the Rose 9 and let it fulfill your wishes?

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