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adidas Harden Vol.3 Performance Analysis And Review

James Harden has been released the third version Vol.3. Whether it is a shoe fan or a fan of James, you can feel the amazing for this shoe. From the first adidas Harden Vol.1 has been popular, and the success of the adidas Harden Vol.2 part of the continuation In addition to the first-generation design style, the upper structure is almost a renovation. This year’s adidas Harden Vol.3 has also caused many netizens’ curiosity.
The Harden Vol 3 is adidas Basketball’s latest sneaker for James Harden, the NBA’s reigning Most Valuable Player.

Although everyone may not be very fond of the Harden series of sneakers, but for this new high-profile MVP, everything around him,it has been attention for all people ? We are not sure .


Adidas Harden Vol.3 still uses low-cut design, also followed the last model for the heel part. NIKE will make SWOOSH bigger and bigger, Then the Adidas seems followed this kind of design.


The Harden Vol 3 puts a focus on stability and traction and it is designed to help Harden “slow down fast.” For traction, the shoe features full-length herringbone with support placed at the high-wear zones that help most with traction.

“This shoe means a lot to me. Our challenge is to come back and [get] better every year, and I really think we’ve been doing that,” said James Harden in a statement. So will is this shoes be better and help a lot for him ? With the retail setting shown these pictures it may be safe to assume that what is pictured here is in fact the Harden Vol 3, James Harden’s next signature sneaker. Like the D Rose 9, this Harden Vol 3 leak features the exaggerated outward-facing heel sculpt.

Haeden’s personal signature design can be said to perfectly interpret the meaning of <signature shoes>. Inside the upper XXIII (13), the Harden jersey back number, the leather tongue on the outside of Harden’s personal LOGO, the inside is silver <LUCKY>, let us recall the fat boy with asthma from childhood The story of pursuing a dream.

For material : It is a a Primeknit upper  again .But unlike Derrick Rose’s next sneaker, which uses a Primeknit upper, the Harden Vol 3 here uses what appears to be a tight mesh with thick backing (see the eyestay). Leather builds are also pictured in these leaks.This is different with the last model , it is will be more soft but the setting has been not the BOOST , I am not sure you will  like this one .

“When I’m out on the court making moves, making guys fall or I’m changing direction…that’s all in the shoe. If we weren’t thinking about that stop-and-go mindset when we we’re creating these shoes, those moves just wouldn’t work. So, shout out to adidas for making sure that each shoe is always on point.”So as the Harden said that the Adidas will be  improved better.We will be  check the part of the Cushioning and traction.

Fo the Cushioning :

The Harden Vol 3 sports a lace band across the upper that adidas says will deliver customized lockdown. Cushioning is taken care of by a full-length Boost midsole, the same system used in Harden’s past signature shoes. The usual TPU support plate will also return in the Vol 3.

For the Anti-twist

This anti-twist design has also been verified in many sneaker evaluations, it is a practical part!The anti-rollover function continues the excellent performance of the Harden series, with a rubber-covered design with a fixed strap on the outside of the forefoot (presumably occupying one-third of the outer side of Boost)On the basis of the thickness, it does not use the outer reinforcement of the first two generations, and continues to take the light route. However, in the design of the forefoot, relying on the extension of the same generation to the outside, it is appropriate to give the shoes a good stability.

For the traction:For Harden’s 3 regular rubber herringbone soles, my heart is actually disappointing! It can also be seen from the emergency stop slow motion that although the herringbone pattern is already quite dense, there is still a little  slip. In the actual outdoor rubber courts, after tightening the shoelaces, there is no problem with the grip.And its first two generations are not only made of irregular heads made of hoes, but also the curvature of the whole sole is retracted, and the third generation is “flat”.



The forefoot strap does not actually have a modulation function. If you want to enhance the tightness of the shoe package, you can only find the degree of the package you want by tightening the shoelace over and over again (from the first to the last one). But the forefoot part is still a bit empty.

Overall, Will you be like it ? Harden’s jersey number — and rides atop a new Boost tooling that appears to be completely uncaged. Finally, the toe has gotten some fuse reinforcements for those that toe-drag.

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