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Air Jordan 18 Performance Review

Years ago, Jordan had once asked a question,”What is love?”,in his advertisement. Years later, Jordan told us the answer of the question through his various kinds of competitions and showed us his great passion for basketball. Absolutely, the advertisement was about Air Jordan 18,which is also the protagonist of today’s review.

Here let’s check it…



It seems that the colorway of white/blue would be Jordan’s preference and he even chose the white/blue instead of the black/blue in the final all-star game of his career.



Of course,the Jordan 18 is my first pair of Air Jordan in my life. I remembered clearly that the moment I got it,I was extremely excited. However,the Jordan 18’s price at that time was expensive especially for students like me. And it was very clownish that I dared not wear it out to play around and I even placed it on desks just like an antique. And now,the shoe is still my favorite.


This year I also grab the replica version . Fortunately,I can share it with you all here. The setting of replica version  is a bit different from first year’s version.Here are some details.


First of all, there are more classic factors in the replica version. You can see clearly from the images attached. The Jumpman logo in the two shoes are just the same and while the ”23” is not totally the same.




Secondly,I’d like to talk about the outsole. The outsole color of replica version is blue which is relatively lighter and as for the first year’s version,the color is darker.Therefore, as to whether which one looks more beautiful,I think you must have your own ideas. On a personal level,I think the replica version is designed more better.


Thirdly,no matter it’s the black/blue one or the white/blue one,the font of inner ”Jordan” have both changed. As you can see,the first year’s version’s is fatter and the replica version is thinner.




Then what I would talk about next is the materials. The upper material is quite different so the the texture is definitely different as well. In terms of the texture,the replica version feels a bit hard.Exaggeratedly speaking,I think the first year’s version is quite soft which feels like silk,smooth and delicate.




For the shoe’s supporting,you will feel a bit tight in the heel part if you wear the replica version for the first time and the inner fillers are harder. But,after some time getting along with it,you are most likely to love it.Compared with the first year’s version,its inner fillers are softer.As for their types,the first year’s version is generally more rounded, while the replica version is more slender.




Finally,here I’ve attached a picture of the black/blue replica version with the white/blue replica version that is released before it. So,if you are considering buying one Air Jordan 18 and you don’t know which one to buy then I hope this article will help you. Just believe me,the shoe absolutely will not let you down.


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