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Air Jordan 33 Performance Review

The newest sneaker of JORDAN BRAND  released , that is the most competition in the sneaker world.Though there are a lot of new shoes , such as the Air Jordan OG series and Adidas new shoes . The Air Jordan 33 still  become the most popular in recently which the great stetting  and comfortable . So we will look at the how about the performance of the Air Jordan 33 today .


For the box ,it was really amazing . The shoe box packaging is like a  treasure box type, which from the top to uncover the design, a bit like buying a new electronic product. In fact, the design  of box does not convenient at all ,it is  unlike the ordinary flip shoe box. And as we know it will take more time for the box production .  so this design can give us a formal feeling, it is look very SPECIAL. The shoe box material continues the high-quality thickened paper surface. we can also see the red fabric on the sides of the shoe cover that the box. The details are very elegant when open the shoe box.The theme uses a plastic paper similar to tin foil to replace plain paper. From the detail the entire package, we can also see more careful of team of Joran .


There are a lot of details of the inside of box, the card of Jordans and the silver paper look so cool .

The look  of JORDAN began to pay tribute to the Air Jordan 1 version since of the Air Jordan 31 version . So we guess that Air Jordan  33 is a tribute to the 3rd version . We may not be able to see in the picture what the similar with  Air Jordan 33 and Air Jordan 3 . In fact, except for the shoe part that everyone can visually see, the look of  shoe are similar to the 3rd version . The upper  shoe looks like it is relatively large. this is a  innovative upper part,whihc also a kind of popular deconstruction style. Overall, the style is quite satisfactory, and may be limited to the color matching of the first color match.


For the material : It is a great setting for the Air Jordan 33, we are looking  at the configuration of these shoes, first of all,when I received my pair of the Air Jordan 33 I was told that the forefoot was tightened up by the parachute cord and FastFit system while the rear of the shoe was tightened by the red strap — at least its red on my pair. Both of these things are true.

Then there is one  amazing design  .We can see a manual on how to use the wheel. The wheel is placed on the sole. The thin line is exposed on the upper through the inner thread of the shoe. After the foot is pulled, the red rope can be tightened to wrap the middle midsole  and pull the yellow rope. When the rope is pulled at the same time, the middle ,midsole can be loosened. The actual use is quite convenient. The inside part of the detail part is not surprisingly equipped with the inner boot .

Thanks for the  foam of the ankle part .we can felt more comfortable when we running .Also the FastFit system really did a great job .and the  Velcro  also can lockdown the  feet well .

For the traction :The traction with the ZOOM with FLYSPEED setting .First we look at the forefoot of  ZOOM cushioning , you can see that the ZOOM as the normal and  performance great . Nike usually use this setting in many types  shoes. The  so that we can intuitively have the ZOOM’s foot feel, and after several generations of similar design experience, we can also see the convex bottom surface as below :

The upper layer FLYSPEED board gives ZOOM a larger force density and deformation space, so that we can felt more the feedback when we played after development of  Zoom setting. We can also saw the shape more smooth of as the picture , the chamfer of the ZOOM edge becomes stereoscopic, this design can make the force in the process of movement more excellent.And it can reduce the performance of Air Jordan 8 which  broken situation .

For the gripping :The grip part is also the most important and basic part of the shoes. The small-grid grip on the KOBE 10 has been confirmed. This time, the Air Jordan 33’s small dot pattern is not bad.

I was feeling a little of stiff at beginning , maybe the reason why that  it was  new shoes, or maybe about the setting of the shoes. I recommended to warm up then wear it again. Otherwise, it will last for a while, and the wearing process can be said to be effortless. Login, lift and tighten, simple and fast.


For the fitting  .It is true size .if  you like the feeling of tight, maybe you can choose  the smaller of half size . I guess it is  not too bad. But if you like  the more size of the shoes, you c an buy the a  little over a half size . that is no problem at all .


For the cushioning :

it was the setting of cushioning will be amazing .Equipped with the evolution of the forefoot large-area outcrop ZOOM with FLYSPEED , the foot feel is really very embarrassing, ZOOM feedback is quite good, it just like other shoes with setting of ZOOM shoes. I feel that ZOOM setting like the last model which more effective and responsive  . The length midsole part is quite satisfactory, there is no particularly large foot feeling.

In terms of anti-twisting, I felt more comfortable . The upper is made of heat welded fuse which more stability and flexibility . The weight of the shoes is mostly concentrated in the midsole. This time, the Air Jordan 33 midsole is very  nice , then we can found mid-bottom sports force is not uncertain, it can be said the setting is the most  popular in the market recently .


For the wrapping :

In terms of  wrapping. Thanks to the newly  technology of Air Jordan 33, it is  convenient to give you a feeling of wrapping in the midfoot. Of course, this is also inseparable from the filling of the inner filling and the inner boots. In addition, we can see that the heel part is also used now. The popular backward shoe makes it easier to wear, and overall it feels good from wearing it to the parcel. Of course, there is one to say that it may be limited by the design of the overall shoe type, but we can felt a little space of the toe parts.


While playing this past weekend everything was feeling great. From the traction up to the fit, I was loving the shoe and then some pain started to become a factor. More importantly, there are parachute cables attached to the medial side of it where it feeds into the interior of the shoe. Two cable strands make their way across my arch and into the footbed of the shoe where it then feeds into the visible system installed under the arch of the shoe.

Overall,the Air Jordan with the FastFit system that I’ve been really trying to adjust to and now I know not to tighten the shoes up quite to the extent that I had. I also know now that when my foot swells during my time on-court , the Performance is great.

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