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Review : Reebok Question Mid,Is It You Love ?

The first player who I am really like in my school year , he is  Iverson. From the initial poster to the TV show, Iverson used his little body to inspire some people who didn’t have “special” talents to contact basketball in that basketball world.

If there was ever a superstar who played with a ferocious little man complex, I’d have to say that Allen Iverson stood heads and shoulders above a league overflowing with giants for the majority of a 13-year NBA career. Also I love him very much ,including the KOBE .

On June 26, 1996, Iverson was selected as the No. 1 pick by the 76 in the team. They hesitated  to choose who was the No.1 between Iverson and Marbury. In the end, they chose the Iverson, who was born more ordinary and thinner. Iverson was  also the shortest No. 1 pick in NBA history.

Iverson, who has super athletic talent, just like the saying :They who know nothing fear nothing. Iverson is this one who   telling the outside world with his skills  , this is the answer, This is the Answer, Answer is also the nickname of Iverson, but at that time he was wearing Question

On February 8, 1997, the answer to the league was not the same, and he won the MVP of the rookie. Although Kobe scored 31 points on behalf of the West, Iverson led the East to win the game and performed more comprehensively. In 7 points, he scored 19 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 3 steals and a total of 3 blocked shots.


Though he is  not height, is the true measure of a human being’s will to succeed.Known for his killer crossover and ability to put the ball in the hoop, Iverson has posted five scoring seasons of over 30 points per game, won a league MVP and carried the 76ers to an NBA Finals in 2001

While Iverson entered the league amid a shroud of controversy, Reebok made sure that his feet at least, did not strike up any doubt about his ability to play basketball at its highest level.  AI’s very first signature kicks came with the fitting moniker, The Question.  The sneakers were an instant hit when they were first released and are even considered by many, to be the best of Iverson’s signature line.


What I like the most is the Question 2 that Iverson said at the Athens Olympics. However, because Iverson did not win the Olympic champion that year, the popularity of Question 2 is much worse than that of the 1st generation. There is a similarity between the Question on Iverson’s foot and the Audi RSQ of Will Smith’s Car in the Public Enemy.

Is it look similar with this Audi RSQ?

The classic I3 Logo, I have to say that Iverson’s Logo and McGrady’s basketball logo are the most pleasing logos of the student era, until Kobe’s samurai sword logo.


Compared to Red toe, I personally prefer the blue toe.

The first letter of “Q” appeared at the time of the most eye-catching logo with the Reebok logo at the time, which is very good.

For the material : The Questions were built with a simple multi-panel leather upper.  One of the definitive aesthetic traits of the shoe that everyone remembers with affection are the honeycomb windows on the middle portion and heel end of the midsole.

For the material : The honeycombs are apart of Reebok’s Hexalite technology meant to absorb the shock of jumping up and deliver a return cushion of air to where the impact peaks.  We also see a nylon mesh tongue and six external eyelets on each side that spell out “Reebok”.  The leather upper also reminds me of the comfortable wearing of the shoes in the past, although it is very stuffy, but it is better than the current sock upper.

For the system of shoelace : The shoelace system is a fast shoelace system that was still in use at the time. The shoelace system is still in use. The six lace holes have the word “REEBOK”, and I also admire the design of the Reebok ghost.


For the traction :The pattern itself isn’t impressive looking but the rubber is very sticky. It is dont like the Jordan shoes, the traction is stiff and the grip is not great .The texture of the sole is very simple, and there is also a logo of Reebok. In the clean indoor venue, it can also be a little grip. On a rainy day, it is just a pair of skates.if you do not have a traction mat a simple solution would be to use duct tape or a lint roller which can be found practically anywhere at an affordable price. The other is the translucent, colored rubber outsole, which has the reputation of being very reliable and durable.


Reebok’s Hexalite Honeycomb Air Cushion is a cushioning technology that was very popular in the 1990s. It relies on the hexagonal honeycomb to bend and absorb energy to achieve cushioning.


It is different with the PUMA’s cushioning technology and Reebok’s honeycomb are all structural cushioning techniques. There is not much difference between them. However, there will be differences in the density of honeycombs. Therefore, there is still a difference between foot feel and cushioning.


The tongue is made of mesh material, which is very soft and comfortable.The filling in the shoes is quite adequate, but the package is general, but the overall comfort of the upper foot spikes 90% of the casual shoes currently on the market.

Overall,The Question is perhaps Reebok’s most loved basketball shoe of all time for its comfortable and durable ride.If we can all respect and appreciate anything about Reebok’s involvement in the NBA, it’s the fact that through thick and thin, they remained incredibly loyal to their longtime league representative.

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