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Under Armour Curry 5 Performance Review

In just a few months, Under Armour launched the fifth version of signature shoes for Stephen Curry,that is  Curry 5. The news sneaker was stunning . Will  be the surprising of low basketball shoes?

We will be check it today .

Many fans and people around the NBA are calling this the pseudo NBA Finals as the winner of this series is expected to finish off the representative from the Eastern Conference with relative ease.

For the box , it is simply but with Number 5 .It is look nice .



The Curry 5 is lightweight, low-profile design combines 360-degree comfort for quick and agile footsteps and lifts the grip to the highest level, making Curry’s excellent quickly stoping  transition even more impeccable! The shoes are inspired by the 「π」 , which can never be divisible, so that Stephen Curry can bring endless possibilities.

For the weight :

The right foot only 338 grams on one foot. Although the Curry 5 is not as good as the exaggerated weight  as the previous version, it is changed to a low type design. We can feel its lightness on the foot.

For the traction :

The CURRY 5 shoe design is inspired by 3.14  of 「π」, and also represents Stephen Curry’s birthday March 14. The Curry 5 is a double-material design with a large translucent rubber and a general rubber material at the center of the forefoot.


The translucent rubber material is basically composed of diagonal stripes. As for the center of the forefoot, it is more interesting. The curry 5 used the concept of “squaring the circle” , but the circular part is purely for decoration, it will  be help a lot . The range to the square is only the square.

The grip is very good. The rubber texture will be more wear-resistant. However, the large translucent area is very sticky. If it is not wiped, maybe we will more sliding .we recommended to select the color of several full- length rubbers that are listed recently.




Is there any improvement of Curry 5 cushioning capacity? For the first time, Curry 4 canceled cushioning of CHARGED midsole and changed the EVA foam midsole.However Curry 5 continues to use the lightweight EVA midsole, but we has to say that the overall foot feel is much improved,  we can felt a little flexibility.



In order to increase the cushioning system, Curry 5  have been  not as good as the previous version, but it does not make you feel “higher”. Although the EVA midsole does not have its own cushioning ability, the quick and sensitive response are the favorite of lot of people.We can felt more the responsive and feedback.

For the material :

The Curry 5 upper is made of soft fabric with a layer of Anafoam on the forefoot and heel  part, and a heel-filled padding. That is in order to improved the lockdown. In addition, the asymmetrical lacing system design is also a highlight, helping the upper to fit the feet well.



One of the great advantages of Curry 5 will become disadvantage. The midsole is close to the inward to arch area. These points make Curry 5 was the first choice for high arch guys. For me, I think it is fit for me well ,there is no large space between the shoes and feet.


We suggested that those who Low-arch, flat-footed or wide-footed shoemakers  giving up Curry 5. Because of the problem of high and narrow arches can make you very uncomfortable during the running process. The option of the big half is not an ideal solution. The Curry 5 version has been slightly longer, and the larger half will increase the overall excess space.


As the first  low type of Curry  basketball shoes, we have been not   expected  it will be good for the ankle protection. So Many people will ask the design of Curry 5  whether be better ? In fact, Curry had been injured many times in the early years because of the ankle problem. Therefore, in addition to the basic attachment of the defenders, Curry will also wear the top guards with protective ability and strong sneakers.


For the supporting :

Although the Curry 5 used a thin layer of knitted uppers like socks, so many people will think the support of the Curry 5  just so so .Actually the supporting of Curry 5 . From TPU stabilizers supporting , the harder Anafoam upper  also help a lot, it can effectively “support” the heel, not only to achieve the support protection effect, but also to reduce the chance of sliding inside the shoe.

Curry 5 to be perfect in the all kind of  protections. The best design material of   Anafoam upper Curry 1. Anafoam has sufficient support strength, but the material itself is not too hard, and the covered area is meticulous. so we will felt the material will be soft.  In addition, the midsole TPU and the Outrigger on the outside of the forefoot also enhance the Curry 5’s anti-twist and anti-rollover protection.

Overall ,The NBA  stars has a signature shoe with a low-profile design, rather than a subsequent “Low” form of casual style, Stephen Curry is not the first, we hope that the  curry shoes will be better in near future.

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