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Nike Kobe A.D Series Performance Review

For the 3 pairs of Kobe AD series basketball shoes, KOBE AD MID, KOBE AD NXT 360 and EXODUS, Which one is the best cost performance?

Let’s talk from Kobe AD MID, the vamp’s main fabric is chamois leather. It crosses the dynamic flywire in the inner side. And it has a layer of leatheroid to strengthen between the vamp and midsole.

Kobe AD NEXT 360 use flyknit nylon knitting technique on the whole vamp. The vamp is connected directly with midsole. And it uses different knitting tightness according to the different part of the basketball shoes. It realizes the integrated knitted structure.

The newly launched KOBE AD EXODUS vamp also use a large area of chamois leather, assisted by engineering mesh texture covering the forefoot, and a large area of stitching thread, which makes it look like a pair of casual shoes. The configuration of the vamp is the most special part of NXT 360. It will be a concept for designing future basketball shoes. But it’s a new technology, it doesn’t wrap the feet well. Vamp support is the worst of these three pairs of shoes.

After actual playing, the vamp was dragged to be loose. And it couldn’t be reversed.Once it’s stretched to be wide, it’s difficult to recover. But for the vamp wrapping, the chamois leather doesn’t have the problem of being stretched.And the chunky sponge on heel make KOBE AD MID to be better to give acting force to heel.For the configuration of midsole, KOBE AD MID is LUNARLON cushion on whole foot with Zoom air cushion on rear foot.It put a piece of carbon fiber anti-torsion plate in the middle of the arch.

KOBE AD NXT 360 use mixed foam cushion shoe-pad. The upper shoe-pad is LUNARLON, and the inner side is REACT foam. And there isa piece of transparent TPU anti-torsion plate on the bottom of shoe-pad. The midsole configuration of KOBE AD EXODUS is the most simple one of these three shoes.It only use a piece of Cage Zoom Air Cushion on the back sole.

It doesn’t have the anti-torsion plate on the midsole. But when actual playing,KOBE AD MID is better than KOBE NXT 360.KOBEADMID can protect the ankle better if stop urgently and change the directions.Although it’s not so flexible, comparing the easy crease of KOBE NXT 360’s vamp,KOBE AD MID won again.

The outsole performance:
KOBE AD MID is the earliest one to be on actual playing. And then Nxt 360and Exodus. So far, the outsole of NXT360 was abrased serious.It should due to the soft outsole material and the pattern design. So do Exodus, as it use the same design. The abrasion performance of KOBE AD MID outsole is excellent. But for traction performance, NXT 360 is the best one of these three shoes.

Although the design of NXT 360 is outstanding, the configuration of midsole is not good due to the immature technology.For these three pairs of shoes,KOBE AD MID is the cheapest one, But it’s the excellent one after comparing with NXT 360 and Exodus.

KOBE AD MID is not perfect. It’s difficult to care the chamois leather. And the vamp is easy to be abrased. And the shoe tongue is a little too thin.

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