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Nike LeBron 15 Performance Review

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Nike LeBron XV use new designed knitted vamp with Flywire and three-fourths Zoom & Max cushion. This pair of “Ashes” color blending shoes use XDR rubber outsole, comparing with the crystal color blending outsole, its durability is stronger and more suitable for outfield.

The vamp includes three parts. The bottom part is for adding the stabilization of heelpiece and side of shoes. The knitted vamp and lining is thick. The center section is in charge of forefoot protection and the linkage of upper and bottom vamp. So the vampe of forefoot is stiff. The upper vamp match with rubber string, so that the shoes are easy to wear.

The TPU on the heelpiece is not high. But it assure the stabilization of heelpiece. And the thickness and stiffness of midsole is just right.

The most expectant cushion of midsole use ZOOM with MAX cushion. And the thickness is the best one. The same part with LeBron X is, the heelpiece cushion has AIR MAX. It assures the stabilization when falling to the ground.

The three air chambers of cushion is not connected. The outsole is composed of “Crocodile Scales” and classic Lion logo.

Traction: 7.5 scores
Although the traction is enough in the outfield. But the material of XDR is ordinary. You will feel that the sneakers is a little sliding when starting and urgently stopping on side direction.

Comparing Hyperdunk 2017 with Air Jordan 32, the material of Hyperdunk is better. And the material of LeBron XV is better than Air Jordan 32.

Anti-friction : 8 scores
After 12 hours’ playing and 4 hours’ everyday dressing, LeBorn XV doesn’t have obviously abrade. And the thickness and stiffiness of “tine” in the outsole also improve the anti-friction.

Cushion: 10 scores
The cushion is perfect due to the thick air cushion. In fact, the performance of Nike LeBron XV is softer than other sneakers. But the speed of starting response is not fast due to the soft cushion.

Anti-torsion:8.5 scores
Generally speaking, the anti-torsion is good for full cushion of whole outsole. The anti-torsion of LeBorn XV is not bad, but the jointed parts of the three air chambers is too thin, it’s not better than the full cushion of whole outsole. Even so, the anti-torsion of LeBorn XV is above average.
Support: 8.5 scores
The vamp it better than normal Flyknit knitted design. It uses rhombus corrugation to add the thickness of vamp. It uses thick Flywire and shoelaces to make the support of vamp is not bad than Air Jordan 32. Although LeBorn XV doesn’t use stiff material for the vamp. The support of vamp is still good.

Wrapping Performance:9 scores
The thick vamp and lining wrap well the heelpiece and arch. And the stiff vamp and good ductility improve the wrapping performance.

The difference with 13th and 14th generation is the good ductility of upper vamp. So the comfort of LeBorn is the best one of 5 generations. That’s why Leblanc said LeBorn is one of his favorite signature shoes.

Protection:7 scores
Although the support and wrapping performance is good, but the protection of the sneakers is not so good. Although the ankle socks’ type wrap well the ankle, but it doesn’t have good protective effect. We suggest the players who have old wound should wear the ankle pad.

Generally, although the bad ankle protection become the only deficiency of this pair of sneaker. But the new designed knitted vamp and the thickest air cushion makes Nike LeBorn XV to be the best sutural sneakers. This sneaker is suitable to the players whose weight is above-average and like breakthrough.

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