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Nike Zoom KD 4 Performance Review

The color matching code name is the 13th pair of KD4 series. It’s in honor of Durant’s manifestationon playoff as a member of Oklahoma Thunders in 2012.

As a pair of the series basketball shoes, this KD4 use this series exclusive black and gold shoebox, and with an additional donation of a gold paper commemorative plaque. And as a pair of sneaker 6 years ago, KD4 use a large area of Hyperfuse on the vamp, which can be said to be a representative of plastic shoes time.

The outside of instep use hot-melting fabric to increase the breathability and reduce the weight. The symbolic Adaptive Fit lace up of KD4 run through the whole instep.

This sneaker doesn’t have the configuration of inner sleeve. So the lace up has the function of increasing the wrapping performance.

KD4 use ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot. But the air cushion is not thick. So do this copy version.

As the Hyperfuse vamp is very stiff, ankle is easy to be stucked when wearing. We suggest to wear long socks for KD4.
As a pair of the series basketball shoes, there is a embroidery of number 16 with a slash on the inner shoe tongue of KD4. That means it is one of the 16 pairs.

The shoe-pad also use the black and gold collocation to follow the series’. As a pair of Durante signature shoes, this KD has many details to show it. The shoe-pad of left foot is and the right foot is 16 slash.

Durante’s number 35 on the shoe tongue use Oklahoma Thunders’s lightning design. And the hidden number 4 in the middle means that it’s the 4th generation sneaker.

The friction pattern of the shoe sole is dominated by lightning pattern. And there are many hidden number 4 to be small friction pattern. The heart pattern on the top of shoe head and word Barbara represents KD’s grandmother. Toney Man is for KD’s older brother. There is Durant’s signature in the middle of left and right shoe sole.
The position of outsole extending to heelpiece is printed with BIG CHUCKY. It’s in memory of KD’s first basketball coach.
Durante’s life motto WORK HARD & STAY FOCUSED is embossed in the inside of arches of foot. The letter symbol on the rear foot means his birth place.

Playing Performance:
As a pair of low shoe, the net weight of size 44 is about 390g for single one. The barycenter of this sneaker deflects to the shoe head.
KD4 has good performance for traction on wood floor. This sneaker hasn’t slipped when urgently stop and turn-back.

Adaptive Fir lace-up design not only make the instep and vamp plying-up, but also hide the laces.You don’t need to worry about the laces to be loosed. Due to the Hyperfuse material, the stiff shoe head has the protective effect.
So anti-torsion performance of KD4 is excellent.
KD4 use thin ZOOM air cushion on forefoot. And the material of midsole is stiff. The air cushion on forefoot is mainly for acceleration of starting,

Generally, KD4 is a pair of basketball culture shoes.

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