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Air Jordan 11 CONCORD Performance Review

Air Jordan 11 was designed by Tinker Hatfield. The initial inspiration comes from hay mower.Air Jordan 11 should be Jordan’s favorite shoes in all of Jordan’s main generation series. The match color of CONCORD is also Jordan’s favorite colors. Jordan has weared CONCORD sneakers in many occasions.

CONCORD has been emulated two times, that was in 2000 and 2011. Seven years later,Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is emulated once again. The new CONCORD used the original shoebox of 23 years ago.

We can see CONCORD’s large area of black patent leather after opening the shoe box. The black and white are easy matching colors.

The white part of heelpiece also use leather substance. The black logo of flying man and NO. 45 on heelpiece is the same as the sneaker that Jordan weared when he returned. It’s also one of the biggest selling points of ,Air Jordan 11 CONCORD.

The outsole still use the most classic crystal outsole. The large area of blue block rubber matches well with the whole crystal outsole.

Whether on 1995 or this year, the deisgn of Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is beyond time and space.

After lacing the shoe laces, we can feel that the feet are wrapped well by the vamp and shoe body.The thick lining of Air Jordan 11 with patent leather has good wrapping performance. But the breathability is not good. It’s suitable for winter.

We can feel the cushion of air sole in the midsole obviously. Although it can’t compare with the super cushion technology of other actual combat sneakers, but it’s enough for everyday wearing. The midsole adds the material of EVA, so that it’s easy to have crease. It’s a defect of all of Air Jordan 11.

The Air Joran 11 is with crystal outsole, so it’s one of the most wearable sneakers in all of Jordan generations. But the defect is, the crystal outsole is easy to be oxydic and yellowing.

Anyway, Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is a pair of sneaker with fashion, sport and feeling. It’s very worthy to purchase it after comparing with other sneakers this year.

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