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Nike Ambassador X Performance Review

The sneaker series of LeBron is more plentiful than other basketball stars, which include Soldier, Witness, low shoes and Ambassador etc. Ambassador is one of the outstanding series.

Nike Ambassador X is similar to Ambassador 9 in shape. Almost shape of outsole and similar shoes’ design let us hard to distinguish these two pairs of shoes. But whether it’s the new configuration of all-in-one inner sleeve or the special lacing design that become the new selling points of this shoes.

Advantage: Excellent protection and wrapping performance
The new configuration of all-in-one inner sleeve becomes the biggest selling point.

To make the appearance difference of 9th generation and 10th generation is extensional all-in-one inner sleeve. The foot is tight wrapped by independent all-in-one inner sleeve, which can also improve the stability of the sneaker.If you prefer to wear a wider shoes, you can choose half-size bigger.

Meanwhile, the excellent support make Ambassador X’s protection exceed other sneakers in the price level. The stiff hot-melt vamp on forefoot is thick. The heelpiece which is similar to PG1 also can assure the support of this sneaker.

Surprisingly, the TPU in the midsole of Ambassador X is completely can’t be twisted. As the supporting TPU (only the outside part) almost traverse the midsole, and the good thickness and stiffness make the anti-torsion of this sneaker to be excellent.

Defection: The cushion is more suitable for light weight players, and the buckle fastener is not useful.

One lightspot of Ambassador X is the buckle fastener on midfoot. We wish that it can be supportive like Kyrie 2’s velcro shoelaces. It’s regrettable that it is not useful.
The buckle fastener are not very useful for the players with thinner feet and shorter instep, as the ductility of buckle fastener is too good. Here the main function of the shoelaces is for fastening the shoelaces to avoid the shoelaces to be loosed when playing.

Good cushion, but not enough…
We haven’t felt very good cushion on forefoot. And the feeling of cushion on heelpiece is ordinary. Moreover, the midsole is not thick enough. The cushion performance will not be very good when playing on concrete floor.

Ambassador X may not be suitable for the players with heavy weight. But it’s suitable for the light weight players and break-though defenders.

Generally, comparing with Ambassador 9, the advantage of Ambassador X is almost on the shoe body. Whether the outstanding wrapping performance of inner sleeve on whole foot, or the strong protection and support of shoe body. The advantages help this sneaker to have a foothold in the actual combat market. But the allocation of cushion performance is the biggest disadvantage of restricting the buyers, which become one of soft spot of Ambassador X.
We recommend this sneaker to the linebackers who prefer to heavier low sneakers.

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