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Nike Kyrie 5 Performance Review

For the first sight of Nike Kyrie 5, you may think that is Kyrie 4 in 3 meters away. The match colors and shoe shape is similar. Yeah, the general shoe shape and the height of upper has no big difference. But Kyrie 5 has upgraded on basis of Kyrie 4.

Firstly, we can see the outline of outsole is almost the same with last generation. The part of midsole and heelpiece is more tight. So the wrapping performance of Kyrie 5 is better than Kyrie 4.

In the details, we can still see Kyrie’s element “H+H” on Kyrie 5.
The main difference of appearance should be the little “wing” on the “Dionaea Muscipula” vamp. We can see the totem of Eyes on the heelpiece part and outshoe pattern.

For the configuration, Kyrie 5 uses the new Air Zoom Turbo on forefoot. And it doesn’t have the air cushion on the rear foot. The players can feel the feedback from all directions when moving.

The first feeling of wearing Kyrie 5 is stiff. It needs times to adapt to Kyrie 5. The upper height doesn’t like low shoes, it is not easy to wear. The hardness of midsole is solid. The vamp is similar to last generation. The wrapping performance is better.

The part of forefoot coordinates the radian of outsole. It feels like stepping on a elastic rubber. It will be more comfortable after several times of actual combat. The starting speed can be fast. That is just the advantage of new Air Zoom Turbo and the radian of outsole.

Wrapping Performance:
The vamp still use the familiar composite material. The tighter shoe shape has better wrapping performance. The new lacing system is still fly wire with shoelaces. As for the wing shape “Dionaea Muscipula” , its main effect is to reduce the oppressing sensation of the shoelaces to the instep. Generally, the wrapping performance to the people with long and thin foot is good. It should be suitable to most of people.

Atni-torsion performance:
The composite material improve the stiffiness of the vamp. Except the stabilized plate on the heelpiece, both sides of the upper adds special reinforced filler. So the durability of anti-torsion can be longer. As we mentioned, the midsole is very stiff. And Kyrie’s sneaker series have high request for the movement and starting. The stiff midsole and outsole is the basic equip of anti-torsion.

The traction is the basic of all basketball shoes, especially the defender shoes. Although Kyrie use stiff rubber on outsole, but the reasonable lines, special radian and upturning outsole guarantee the traction of this sneaker. We have tried to play in slippy indoor wood floor, and the traction of Kyrie 5 is still good.

Abrasive Resistance:
XDR with depth lines makes the outsole’s stiffiness of Kyrie 5 to be above average. The abrasive resistance of this sneaker can keep several months.

Generally, comparing with Kyrie 4, Kyrie 5 has new cushion design, fine tuning of the shoe shape and vamp details. The fast starting, good anti-torsion & abrasive resistance and adding a more comfortable air cushion outfit, which make it to be worthy to purchase.

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