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Nike Lebron 16 Performance Review

Lebron went to the new team when the new sports competition season. In the new environment, Lebron 16th generation were also coming. It used the same insole cushion technology as last generation. The shoe tongue has been revised and improved. It’s similar to Leborn 15.  The two obvious disadvantages of Leborn 15 is rollover prevention and high center of gravity. Could Leborn 16 overcome these problems to demonstrate Lebron series?

Let’s start from the details of vamp. The main match colors is black and gray with red. It embroider his daughter’s name abbreviations <BBZ>  and the area code of his hometown Akron <330> on the left and right heel. On the shoe tongue, it embosses the name of charity institutions which cooperate with Leborn, and the map of Ohioan. The location of five-pointed star is for Akron.

Leborn’ s signature and NO.23 are also showed on the shoe tongue. The first feeling when wearing Leborn 16 is the same as Leborn 15. It has high center of gravity than normal sneakers. The thick insole air cushion brings good cushion. But for some players who prefer to the feeling of  touching floor, Leborn 16 is not suitable. The 3 air chamber covers the area except toes. The cushion is excellent. You will like the feedback of spring back. It’s special, but it still need times for wearers to adapt to.

For the outsole’s force of friction, Leborn 16 uses unidirectional raised grain design. The structure is simple. But the force of friction is above average. It reinforces the function of rollover prevention. The outsole of forefoot is enlarged.

Wrapping Performance:

Leborn 16 improves the wrapping performance obviously. It updates the design of shoe tongue, which is adding the leather texture. The 2 sections of folding design makes Leborn 16 to be suitable for more people’s instep height. This is a new solution to make shoe tongue and vamp to be integrated.

The battleknit on vamp uses stiffer knitting way. The protection of shoe head is better. The tabular shoelaces  are more convenient for lacing the shoes.  But it’s not easy to change the shoelaces. The stiff battleknit tecture is not easy to be bended, and it has nylon inner sleeve, which make it to be difficult to penetrate shoelaces into the lace holes.

Anti-torsion performance:

Leborn 16 has good supporting vamp. The anti-torsion performance must be better than last generation. It optimizes the protection. But comparing with other sneakers, due to the higher insole, its sensitivity of  turning and stutter stop is not good.

The weight of Leborn 16 EUR size 44 is about 520g, due to the leather texture and thick insole. It’s heavy.

Although its upper height is not high, but the heavy weight is not suitable for some basketball players.

It’s obviously that Leborn 16 has been improved. After evaluating, we find that it has optimized the disadvantages of last generation. But it’s with the same outsole frame. Its advantages and disadvantages are also obvious. The main advantages are the excellent cushion and vamp support. But the sensitivity of insole is not good. If you have purchased Leborn 15 and like its cushion, Leborn 16 could also attracts you.

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