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NIKE ZOOM SHIFT 2 Performance Review

NIKE ZOOM SHIFT was launched last year. Whether the price or actual combat performance, it’s a pair of sneaker which is suitable for actual combat. It launches the 2nd generation this year. Comparing with 1st generation, it changes a little in appearance.

   Appearance:7/10 scores
In appearance, ZOOM SHIFT 2 keep the same design of shoe body as previous generation. But it adds a layer of fabric texture on the vamp, which makes the appearance of vamp to be more concise.
Front View: The orange SWOOSH logo on vamp and NIKE logo on shoe cuff is obvious on the white shoes.

Side View: On the outside part of ankle, we can see clearly that the fabric texture is covering vamp.

Rear View: The dilated orange webbing on the the rear side is more convenient when wearing.
Comfort Level:7/10 scores   
The integrative shoe body design of ZOOM SHIFT 2 is not suitable for the people with high instep. As the shoe cuff is inelastic. It won’t be easy for the people with high instep to wear it in the first time. But after wearing several times, it will be easier. The size and shoe tree is normal.

Support and Wrapping Performance:8/10 scores   
The vamp of ZOOM SHIFT 2 uses fabric texture with integrative shoe body design. The support and wrapping performance won’t be bad. It can satisfy kinds of moving requirements on the basketball field. There is Flywire design on the shoe laces. It will improve the wrapping feeling after fastening the shoe laces tightly.

The fabric texture is commonly used on the vamp of sneakers. The vamp with fabric texture can satisfy the request of breakthrough and sudden stop on actual combat. The midsole of ZOOM SHIFT 2 still has a support plate. So we don’t need to worry about the anti-torsion.

It’s a pity that the outside of forefoot doesn’t has the design to prevent the side to roll over. The players may feel not surefooted.
When simulating the process of break though, the sneaker is just deformed a little. That means, the vamp can offer good support when playing.
Traction & Abrasion Performance: 7.5/10
ZOOM SHIFT 2 as a low shoes, its target population is defender and forward.
We evaluated this sneaker in plastic out-field. We felt that ZOOM SHIFT 2 is a little slipping. But generally, the traction of this sneaker is good. The traction should be better on covered court or clean out-field.

The finely-divided grain on outsole extends to the lateral surface of midsole. It will increase the traction when drastically turning.

The outsole of ZOOM SHIFT 2 uses XDR rubber. We haven’t found obvious wear track after twice actual combat. But we still don’t suggest you to wear it on cement ground. The abrasive resistance of finely-divided grain won’t be very well on cement ground.

Cushion:7/10 scores
According to previous tradition, the configuration of front and rear generations doesn’t has big difference on mid-end sneakers. From the wearing experience, we think that the ZOOM SHIFT 2 should keep the same configuration of midsole as 1st generation.

As the air cushion of forefoot is near to the position of shoe-pad. We can feel the sense of springback.The heelpiece use foam material. It also has the soft elasticity. So it has the buffer action when falling to the ground.
Overall Appraisal:7.3/10 scores
The appearance of ZOOM SHIFT 2 uses integrative shoebody with fabric covering design. The appearance is succinct. It’s suitable to both playing and daily wear. The finely-divided grains and XDR rubber outsole can satisfy the players’ daily needs.
Generally, the low type of ZOOM SHIFT 2 can keep the flexibility, and you can feel good sense of springback from the cushion of forefoot. It’s suitable for both defender and forward.

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