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Performance Review of NIKE KD 11

KD won grand champion again, and got FMVP. We seen that KD weared KD10’s WHAT THE match color. Many people expected the new KD after seeing the nice colorway of KD10.

First impression:
The KD 11’s structure is totally different with KD 10. The vamp is made by a whole piece of texture. The ZOOM in shoe sole is also changed to be a whole piece.

Although KD 11 design is simple, but the configuration is not simple. KD 11 uses whole ZOOM in the outsole and match with REACT cushion texture. Almost the whole vamp is covered by FLYKNIT with partial hot melting nylon texture. The heelpiece part splice with crazing chamois to promote the texture.

For the details, we can see KD 11 has different hardness FLYKNIT on the vamp. The part of forefoot is more solid, and the part of shoe side and laces are soft. It’s convenient for shoelaces to adjust the degree of tightness. It’s the same as HUPERDUNK 2016, the difference is the FLYKNIT of KD11 is thicker and solid.

The insole is the design of external covering. It’s similar to KOBE AD. But it’s more integrated. There is a whole piece of thick crystal sole which cover the internal cushion texture. It looks cool. The long loophole in the sole is also similar to HYPERDUNK ELITE. The outsole grains are arc-shape. It’s standard configuration for indoor plastic cement and wood floor.

As there is a design to pulling the shoes on the heelpiece, it likes to be wearing a pair of socks when wearing KD11. The size is normal. As Flyknit wrap the feet perfect, we suggest the friends whose feet slant fat can choose half a size bigger. The feeling on foot is very soft, which can compete with LBJ 15.

Cushion: 9 scores
The REACT matches with ZOOM,so cushion is excellent. You can adapt to this pair of sneaker soon, due to the sufficient cushion and soft foot feeling. Normally, the sneakers with high configuration for cushion have thick insole. So the center of the sneaker is too higg, and with a soft insole, it’s easy to be unsteady and sprain the ankle. KD11 has thick stiff crystal outsole to wrap the cushion texture, so the cushion grad is high and it’s also soft. But I feel that it’s very steady after jumping and falling to the ground. But it also has disadvantage. The thick crystal sole increase the weight. The unit weight of EUR44.5 is about 460g.

Wrapping Peformance/Comfort:9 Scores
The Flyknit show the excellent wrapping performance on Hyperdunk 2016 and LBJ15. Although the structure of KD11 is a little sloppy, it’s not so slender as HD16. But you can still feel that the shoes cling well to your feet. The tight wrapping with soft shoe-pad and stepping on REACT and whole ZOOM, the foot feeling of KD11 exceed most of the basketball shoes this year.

Support/Sability: 7.5 scores
The insole support is very steady. So that we can rein REACT and whole ZOOM well on strenuous exercise. Without stable outsole, the comfort cushion technology is still unhelpful. The support of vamp is weaker. And the strength of lateral forefoot is also weaker. Sometimes a intense stutter stop will make you feel slippy.

Traction/Abrasion Resistance: 8.5 scores
For abrasion resistance, as we mentioned above, the arc-shape grains on outsole is standard configuration for indoor plastic cement and wood floor. But it’s better not to wear it on outfield. The traction performance is also great. It’s easy to stop when you need. The good traction also increase the stability.

It’s worth mentioning that KD11 doesn’t have the arch support. When you are lengthways suddenly stopping, the feet will slipping to front, then it will be easy to stab the toes.

In general, after changing the cushion of KD 9, 9 ELITE and KD 10, KD11 is a pair of worthy fire-new shoes. The design is simple, but with many details. The new combination of REACT with whole ZOOM on the new design of crystal outsole is perfect matching. Almost the players on all positions except who are using Kyrie’s playing ways can try KD11. You won’t be disappointed.

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