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Simple Comparison of Air Jordan 11 Space Jam, UNC, Concord Reviews

Below it’s a comparison from a buyer’s blog.

After working, I haven’t kept on purchasing NIKE shoes. I normally only purchased a pair of NIKE each year. As I can’t wear sneakers when working. I don’t have many chances to wear it. The main purpose is for collection. I guess most of people still continue the hobby to have a look on their sneakers sometimes to miss the past. When we have the ability to purchase the dreamed shoes, but our happiness is not so strong as we thought. Maybe what we are pursuing has been upgraded to be bigger house and better car. But men’s desires will never end. But for me, I will still keep purchasing the basketball shoes to keept the passion in my heart.

Let’s come to the point to have a look on these three pairs of shoes and make a simple comparison.
Let’s start from the shoebox, from left to right is SpaceJam, UNC , Concord
SpaceJam: Special design of 23 and 45 on the box
UNC: Highlight 23, it’s the biggest one of these three boxes
Concord: It’s the normal flying man shoebox

Space Jam: The outermost layer is drawer type box. Inside shoebox is with cap. And the innermost layer is stiff plastic cap, which is printed with Xl. It looks like opening a gift.
UNC: The outermost layer is also drawer type box. But there is no cap inside. The innermost layer is also with a stiff plastic cap with XI.
Concord: It is just a normal shoebox with cap, nothing else.

After taking away the cap:
Space Jam: There is two layers of wrapping paper, one is printed with 4, and another one is a layer of normal wrapping paper inside. Then we can see the shoes.
UNC: It also has two layers of wrapping paper, one is printed with tartan design and anther one is also normal wrapping paper inside.
Concord: There is only a layer of very thin wrapping paper inside.

I smelt the glue after taking out the shoes. The light is a little dimmed, the black and bule is not very visible, from left to right is Space Jam, UNC, Concord.

The 3 pairs of shoes have shoe stretcher. Concord has one more heelpiece support.

The vamp texture of these 3 pairs of shoes are mainly patent leather. Personally, I prefer to big area of patent leather.

Comparing the workmanship, there are many people complains the workmanship of Concord about excessive glue. But my Concord is not bad. I can accept the small excessive glue. 

After comparing, I found that crystal outsole of UNA is yellowing. I don’t know it supposed to be yellowing or it’s oxidized.

As to the carbon plate, I don’t care a lot if it change the material or reduce the size. As I don’t have many chances to wear them.

For the decorative pattern on heelpiece:
SpaceJam: inwrought 45
UNC: Gluey 23
Concord: Gluey 45
It’s possible that the gluey number will fall out after wearing for a long time. The workmanship of my sneakers is good. I will still keep the habit to purchase the favorite sneakers and have a look at them when I’m avaialble.

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