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UA HOVR Havoc Performance Review

Havoc has UA newest cushioned technology. In the begining of this year, we has tested the running shoes with HOVR. It get the good feedback for the excellent springback and light feeling.

The midsole of Havoc should have outstanding performance as it uses HOVR cushion.

The main color of this pair of Havoc is griege. The vamp can be divided into two parts. The shoes head has TPU hot melt adhesive membrane, which improves the integral stretching resistance. The ventilate mesh vamp from the shoe tongue to collar reduce the weight, and it has good wrap. The external TPU heelpiece bracket optimize the support. The rubber outsole uses herringbone design, which intensify the traction, but it makes the appearance of Havoc to be a pair of sneaker without lightspot.

Actual Combact Performance:
Although Havoc doesn’t have pretty appearance. Honestly, it is still a pair of great shoes. Havoc as a pair of high-top sneakers, its size runs a half-size small. We recommend ordering a half-size larger than usual. If you normally wear Nike EUR44.5, then you should need to choose EUR45 for Havoc. And it’s heavier, the net weight is about 460g. As the vamp uses a large area of hot-melt texture, the air permeability is not so good.

Cushion Performance:
HOVR’s symbolic energy gridding deisgn is the best assurance for the cushion. After each jumping and landing, this pair of shoes gives a soft resilient experience. The integral elastic coefficient is not high. But it assures that the players of every weight range can feel HOVR. The cushion of forefoot is weaker than heelpiece. Generally, the cushioning effect of Havoc is still excellent.

Wrapping Performance:
Although it has TPU on heelpiece, hot-melt vamp, reasonable design of shoelace and high-top design, Havoc could get high scores on wrapping performance and is suitable for most of players. But it doesn’t have the inner sleeve. It only uses the elastic band like the shoes of 90’s on the bottom of shoe tongue. The shoe tongue of Havoc is easy to slide.

Anti-torsion Performance:
Havoc has a big insole anti-torsional bracket. So its anti-torsion performance is not bad. After testing, we found that Havoc has good anti-torsion on the ankle and the part of insole.

Traction Performance:
Although the friction stripe of Havoc is not special, but for the function, the herringbone design is not bad. For all directions of sudden stop and starting, the speed of friction feedback on wood floor is fast. Although the outsole expansion is not obvious, but the rollover prevention is excellent. Comparing with others, the traction performance of Havoc is the best one.

For the same price, it’s unquestionable that the competitor of Havoc is HD2018. Havoc’s appearance is normal, but for the performance, Havoc is good. The insole HOVR cushion with big anti-torsional bracket and excellent traction make it to adapt to the players in position of NO. 3 to NO. 5.

Havoc uses HOVR cushion. The biggest pity of this sneaker is without the inner sleeve. We look forward that the next renewal will make up this pity and improve the design of appearance. Then Hovoc will get better appraisal.

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