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Performance Review of Adidas T-Mac Millennium

Today I want to introduce this cool basketball shoes to you, Adidas T-Mac Millennium, which has great appearance and excellent abrasive resistance.

To mention about Retro, most of people would firstly think of AJ. After all, AJ is the most famous sneakers last year. AJ has more than 20 styles of retro.

And then NIKE launches PROTRO which is a higher-end than retro for Kobe. PROTRO is changing the separated air cushion to full outsole with air cushion and keeping the basic framework in the meantime.

T-mac, who competed with Kobe Bryant before, also got a retro sneaker this year. This pair of TMAC MILLENNIUM sneaker uses the fire-new insole configuration. The BOOST insole cushion technology of Adidas is used in TMAC sneakers. It combines the first to third generations’ vamp design. And it has tail on heelpiece, which make it more special.

The big area of hot melting vamp, shoe head compositing with PU texture and the TMAC symbolic sewing lines constitutes the main part of sneaker. The match colors of is mainly showed on the heelpiece. The shoelaces use tabular traditional material. But the head of shoelaces is luxury, it uses metal material.

Although it has such high configuration, but it doesn’t use inner sleeve.  It’s officially defined as sneakers’ TMAC M. I am surprised that it doesn’t use inner sleeve. It just has two foam paddings on the heelpiece.

As T-MAC series, it still uses BOOST technology, so people will pay close attention to its performance.
Let’s talk about cushion firstly.
The thickness of forefoot part is thinner than heelpiece. It assures the starting sensitivity. And l feel that the heelpice part is soft when jumping to the floor. It’s similar to Harden 1. It uses huge thickness of BOOST. The height of sole is more than 3cm. That leads to some concern about controlling the center of gravity.

For the traction, as T-MAC M use the same outsole as 1st generation, the traction is great, at least on the wood floors. It has good force of friction when stop on all directions. But it doesn’t have friction grain on toe cap, so if you start to run by tiptoe, it will be sliding. Please pay attention on this problem if wearing it to play basketballs.

As it uses full-length BOOST and has metal shoelace head, the unit weight of EUR44 T-MAC M is about 430g.

The torsional performance of T-MAC M is great. The outside of forefoot uses wrap design. Its synthetic vamp has better resistance to external forces than knitted vamp. And there are some small holes in the inside of vamp. But without inner sleeve, the middle of instep is easy to be out of shape.

I think if you choose the befitting size of the sneaker, and it can fix well your heelpiece to ankle, then it will fit your foot well.

Although TMAC M has foam to wrap the heelpiece, but it can fit well the heelpiece . It’s a pity. Without inner sleeve, TMAC M’s wrapping performance is not good.

This pair of T-MAC retro sneaker use the hot-melting vamp, leather and Chinese element. That makes it to be a sneaker with culture, and it’s suitable for sneaker lovers to collect. As a signature shoes, the configuration of outsole and traction is great. But for the fit and center of gravity’s control, it’s not good to be a sneaker for actual combact. The cheaper Harden 1 is better as their configuration is similar. But the performance of T-MAC Millennium is excellent if comparing with T-MAC 1st to 3rd generation.

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