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Performance Review of Nike Lebron Witness III

As one of the present NBA leading figures, Leborn’s sneakers have a great variety. It covers the high, medium and low-end level. Not many people pay close attention to the new launched LEBRON WITNESS III. As this series are always performed tepidly. But it catches many shoe fans’ eyes after using 3/4 length of the Air Sole cushion.

Comparing with WITNESS II, the new WITNESS III has a big difference in appearance. The vamp of WITNESS II use coriaceo-reticulate matching. And the vamp of WITNESS III uses full fabric. It looks more succinct.

The front view: The pure black fabric vamp is simple

The side view: The fabric texture on the vamp is hexagon texture.

The rear view: the leather rear side is embossed with AKRON 330.

Confort:6 scores
Normally the vamp with fabric texture is comfortable. But I don’t feel that WINTNESS III is comfortable when wearing. The vamp design of WITNESS III is suitable for the people with thin feet or low instep. It’s a little difficult for people whose feet is slightly fat or with high instep to wear it.
The size is normal. The width of shoe tree is also normal, but the vamp is lower type, not high enough.

Wrapping Performance & Support: 6.5 scores
The lower fabric vamp design of WITNESS III oppress the feet, but it’s not quite normal. The vamp pinches the toes. It’s a little tight. The heelpiece is low type, and the thickness of foam is not thick enough. The feet can’t be wrapped well.
For support, the fabric vamp can offer the required supporting performance when moving.

Traction & Abrasion Resistance:8 scores
For the outsole, WITNESS III uses XDR wear-resisting rubber and match with deep water wave texture. The traction performance is great when playing on out-field. And the XDR wear-resisting rubber outsole is also suitable to out-field.
When testing sudden stop, WITNESS III can stop by one step. The sneaker keep the good traction performance when making kinds of breakthrough or turning.

Cushion:6 scores
The insole of WITNESS III is with 3/4 length Air Sole cushion which has been expected by many players Although the cushion performance is not better than present Zoom Air cushion. But the 3/4 length Air Sole is also worthy to be expected.
On the begining of wearing, the resilient feedback of Air Sole Cushion is not obvious. It needs time to adapt. The insole is not stiff when jumping to the floor.

General Comments:6.6 scores
The appearance of WITNESS III is more succinct. The vamp is traditional fabric. The design is reasonable,except the lower vamp.
The XDR wear-resisting rubber outsole with deep water wave texture has excellent torsion and anti-abrasion performance. It’s suitable for the players who prefer to play on out-field.
Although the 3/4 length Air Sold Cushion in insole is the old cushion technology, but it’s better than two pieces of small hexagon ZOOM Air cushion.
On the whole, the design and configuration of WITNESS III is normal type.

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