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The Performance Review of UA Curry 6- Red Colorway

I’m very pleased when I saw Curry 6. After HOVR is launched, I am expecting the effect of HOVR on basketball shoes. The first pair of basketball shoes with full-length of HOVR–Curry 6 was launched in the begining of 2019. Curry has weared Curry 6 several times. He should be favorite of it. So is Curry 6 worthy for us, the Curry’s fans to except?

The shoebox of Curry 6 is gray. Curry’s logo is on the middle of box cap. The other position of the shoebox is printed with UA logo and Curry’s signature.

This pair of Curry 6 is red, is named by “Heart of the Town”. It is for saluting to Oakland, the city where Curry grew up and gave him so much energy before. It’s an affectional tie between Curry and Oakland.

Curry 6 is still low model as last generation. This design style is also used on Curry 5. It’s foreseeable that this design style will be future mainstream of Curry line. The bright-coloured and passionate red embellishing with black details make the shoes to be arresting.

The outsole of the sneaker use concentric circles with longitudinal straight grains. The traction is visibly excellent. There are some details on the outsole, such as Curry’s three kids’ name, “I Can Do All Things”on TPU and Curry’s signature, Curry’s logo on arch and UA logo on heelpiece.
The heelpiece part is with Curry’s logo:

The heelpiece part is with UA logo:

The shoetongue position is printed Curry’s motto “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”:

My first impression of Curry 6 is light. The vamp is made by weaving material. The insole is with full-length HOVR. So the weight can be light.

The features of vamp with weaving technology is light and thin. The vamp position is stiff. The shoe head position has leather to protect the toes. The shoe tongue is soft. It will be easier to wear it. Normally the integrated shoe tongue design is hard to wear and get off.

The key point of Curry 6 is HOVR in insole. The construction appearance of HOVR is reticular.

For the lacing system of Curry 6, except the traditional shoelace holes, Under Armour has creatively tied the shoelaces to the elastic nylon braid which wraps around the shoe body. It’s to enhance the dynamic wrapping performance. The lacing system of Curry 6 is similar with Curry 3.

Under Armour make separated outsole for Curry 6. The separated outsole is for enhancing the traction and flexibility. With full-length Speed Plate technology, the performance of insole is more comprehensive.

In order to provide more comprehensive evaluation of Curry 6, I weared “Armour” series socks to test.
Frankly, the wrapping performance of Curry 6 is excellent, especially after wearing the Armour socks.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to choose bigger size for Curry 6. The size of UA basketball shoes let me fell confused sometimes. So I choose half a size bigger of Curry 6 for testing. But I find that I don’t need to do it. The size of Curry 6 is normal.

The shoe body of Curry 6 is made by integrated vamp and inside & outside modules. The present integrated sneaker is mainly made with knitted vamp and covering with TPU, rubber, support plate. The heelpiece part is made by foam padding, outside rubber module and inner support module.

Most of people mainly pay too much attention on cushion when choosing a basketball shoes. But it will let them to miss the real shoes that fit them.
Under Armour affirmative disclosure that Curry 6 pay the main attention on feedback and traction capacity. If you want great cushion, please don’t choose it. Curry is not soft and elastic enough. The cushion is not excellent, but enough.

HOVR has showed its elasticity on previous UA Running series. The designer evaluated Curry’s playing way, then change HOVR to make Curry 6 to be more suitable to actual combating demands of linebackers.
Last Curry signature shoes with cushion technology –Under Armour Curry 3 give me great impression for the comfort level and cushion technology UA HOVR Phantom. I still can’t forget the feeling of HOVR on foot till now.
Curry 6 increase the density of HOVR to avoid the deformation. Although it’s not soft enough, but it’s better than Curry 4 & Curry 5. The cushion is similar to Curry 3. It will be excellent for the pitchers who is not heavy

Abrasive Resistance:
For abrasive resistance, The translucence crystal outsole of Curry 6 is not better than rubber material. Curry 6 has great performance on outfield, but also wearing down the material after improving the competitive intension.
The outsole grain of Curry 6 is competitive. The space between the lines is big, so Curry 6 may clamp gravels.
Curry 6 has great performance on transverse and longitudinal traction. You can stop in time. But the abrasive resistance is not very good. The outsole grain has small abrasion after one week’s testing.

Support/Stabilization: surprise
Frankly, Curry 6 as a sneaker for defender has such excellent support and stabilization without carbon fiber plate, which is pleasantly surprised. Curry as a top level of breakthrough and shooting basketball player, he has high request for support and stabilization.

Curry 6 has full-length Speed Plate technology outsole, which can support the outsole well. The TPU stabilization system on heelpiece is also excellent. The two designs on the different positions bind the foot well with the shoes. What is the top level defender sneaker? Curry 6 is the one.

Curry 6 is good accurate positioning sneaker. The enough cushion and light vamp reduce the weight of the sneaker. The full-length HOVR is the main selling points of Curry 6. But after wearing, you will find that it has many shining points.
This sneaker is very suitable for the players who runs a lot when playing. Meanwhile, some players who love Curry, want to emulate Curry’s playing style and have the habit of wearing ankle guard will love the actual combat experience of wearing Curry 6.
The“Heart of the Town”colorway is for saluting to Oakland. The bran-new Curry 6 is for saluting to the all-powerful MVP Stephen Curry. Hopefully, under Curry’s influence, more people will be able to enjoy playing basketball.

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