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Under Armour Curry 6 Performance Review

Recently, Under Armour launched Curry 6 for its basketball player Stephen Curry at the end of 2018. As the signature shoes of the most famous player on Golden State Warriors which is the current best team in NBA, Curry series keeps Under Armour basketball shoes series’ high standard, and it also gives high support for Stephen Curry in the basketball court.

When a sneaker is named Curry, with the appearance with sense of speed and matching with Under Armour’s new insole technology HOVR, even people who are not so interested in basketball and sneaker cultures are eager to have a try. So what’s the improvement of Curry 6 comparing with last generation? What is the newest technology which offer the support? After getting Curry 6 “Fox Theater”, as an amateur, I have tested and offer below some reviews of this sneaker for your reference.

The first color scheme is stunning. The designer of UA Curry 6 is Leon Gu who has ever designed Curry 2.5. The dominant tone of this Under Armour Curry 6 “Fox Theater” color scheme is black, with the embellishment of gradually varied green TPU support plate and nylon rope etc. It’s inspired by Auckland’s landmark building FOX Theater. It looks like the neon lights of Fox Theater in night. I love this creativity. Curry is also satisfied at this inspiration of putting the elements of his hometown city in the shoes.

It embossed Curry’s personal logo SC30 on TPU support plate. The color of hot melting nylon rope on vamp is luminous yellow, which is very eye-catching. The shoe sides still use the hottest ankle socks cuff design. The insole part is made of the initiative energy mesh covering the core technology HOVER. The design of overall appearance gives us a sense of speed to the sneaker.

Curry 6 designer Leon Gu

▼ The appearance has the sense of science fiction and speed.

Traction & Technology
There are three glittering points of Curry 6. The full-length HOVER foam is required for Curry’s playing style. Curry needs to run about 2.3 miles per game, that’s why Curry wants to design a sneaker that looks more like a running shoes for himself. This sneaker has full-length HOVR technology, which is conducive to cushion and energy feedback. This is also the greatest technology lightspot of this sneaker. Moreover, as Curry need to turn, do deceptive movement and other movements frequently, it requires the sneaker to have great traction. Curry 6 uses the separating outsole to increase the land area. Meanwhile, it uses Speed Plate technology to increase the traction.

The force of friction on outsole is great. When I wear Crry 6 and imitate Curry to do sudden stop, the sneaker can be stop and move in time. The sneaker behaves well when testing the sprint and sudden stop shooting at the basket. It owes to the special grain design on the outsole. The left side is grid mode and the right side is longitudinal mode, and assisted by the special grain design of Y and #. The grain design make it has great traction capacity.

The composited vamp with multiple density fabric

The different density and elastic strength fabric matching with hot melting , the tongue which is made by rubber and leather, and the heelpiece support which have reinforced the different parts of the shoes.

Full-length knit is used from heel to toe. There are some fuse overlays in the standard high-wear areas such as the toe along with the reinforced sections along the eyestay so the laces don’t rip through the knit.

Full-length HOVR cushioning is used in the entire midsole. After Micro G and Charged, the newest cushion technology HOVR is used on Curry 6. Also, it’s a bit different from the HOVR Havoc, which housed the HOVR foam within an EVA carrier. The midsole cushion is definitely one of Curry 6’s lighspot . With HOVR, Curry 6 has the energy feedback and good elasticity. This has been proved by the prior sneaker which has used HOVR. After wearing Curry 6 to play basketball, it’s not soft enough as what I image. Certainly, running and playing basketball are two totally different sport. HOVR can offer high starting speed to you. But if you are a bouncer, you will feel that this sneaker is not very soft.
▼ HOVR material is used sufficiently

On a personal level, having played in every Curry shoe made thus far, this is the best they’ve done at giving a little bit of something for everyone. If you prefer the low profile feel of the previous Curry models, then you won’t be disappointed with the Curry 6. However, if cushion has been the one thing to stop you from trying a Curry model, then the Curry 6 will change that.

▼Offical Design Draft

As this model is not high-top, it’s easy to wear it. The first time that I wear it, I lace up the shoes too tight. But after loosing a little, the vamp won’t press the instep. if you’re already accustomed to knit basketball shoes, you will like this model. It’s not overly stretching (KD11) or overly stiff (Kobe 9) but it’s a good balance of strength where you need it and flex where you’d want it.
As the type of this sneaker is a little long, you won’t feel tight. You just need to choose the normal size that you used to wear.

Supporting & Protective Capability
The supporting capability is mainly reflected in supporting the knee after jump shot, bounce and other actions. Curry 6 has great supporting capability. After 5cm bounce, I hasn’t felt the bouncing pressure on the knees.

The protective capability is mainly for protecting the ankle, and protecting the feet when turning and twisting.
Curry 6 is low sneaker. The vamp is still knitted. Although it adds a hot-pressing reinforcement on the shoe head, but Curry requires that the sneakers need to be light. So Curry 6 is not heavy. Of course, the designer hasn’t given up the protection due to light model. The hot-pressing reinforcement, reinforcing lace and the outsole can fix well the sneaker when turning. But if you want the perfect protection, it’s better to put on ankle guard. After all, Curry 6 is designed for nimble full back.

Generally, Curry 6 has been improved a lot comparing with last generations. It’s suitable for full back who prefer to do the actions and running. It’s very suitable to Curry. But it’s not so suitable for the heavy center forward.
Traction and support are what Curry models are most known for and the Curry 6 is no exception.
The base of the shoe is fairly wide and flat for stability, while flex grooves are carved into the outsole to promote natural motion. You sit within the majority of the midsole while the lateral section has been extended to act as an outrigger. UA also implemented a TPU support plate which they call it a speed plate, that helps reinforce the HOVR and also acts as a full-length outrigger without restricting mobility — something spring plates are known for as they’re implemented directionally underfoot.
As far as I can see, this sneaker has fast starting and great traction. That’s enough for me. Hope this simple review is helpful for you to choose.

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