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Nike Air VaporMax 2019 Performance Review

Most of fans should still remember that the news of Nike VaporMax occupied the whole summer of 2017. As the first pair of pure air cushion suspending outsole sneaker, VaporMax get high attention. Comparing with the hot launched VaporMax, Nike Air VaporMax 2019 was launched in silence, it doesn’t have many publicity as VaporMax.

VaporMax 2019 use the same suspending outsole as VaporMax 2017. Although it’s still cool, but it can not longer to make people shocked when first sight. The difference of VaporMax 2019 with VaporMax 2017 is the vamp. It uses cicada’s wings composited material to replace Flyknit, and it adds TPU structural support on the heelpiece. To keep the same outsole as last generation and only upgrading the vamp, which seems to be the strategy of Nike’s high-end sneakers to update and upgrade.

Maybe Nike think that the outsole of last generation is perfect, not need to be upgraded. We’re not sure about the exact reason. Ok, let’s have a look at Nike Air VaporMax 2019 today.

Almost the same shoebox as last generation.

The logo on shoebox can change color according to different angle of light.

Today, we test the black and gold colorway sneaker. This colorway is presentable. It’s all-matching color.

The big air cushion under the setting sun presents a metallic texture, which is different from the glittering and translucent air cushion of the first generation.

When backlighting, it shows a sense of suspension. Just imaging that you wear it and standing on backlight, it would be very cool.

Although it’s not as shocked as last generation, but it can’t be denied that the most eye-catching one is the outsole.

It looks like a pair of football shoes from this side.

It still only have 5 rubber reinforcing parts which is the same as the air cushion outsole of last generation. The other places where touching with ground are plastic bumps that resemble the spikes.

It’s said that the air cushion is filled with inert gas.

It has gold shoe logo on the shoe tongue.

Comparing with VaporMax 2017, the most important improvement of VaporMax 2019 is that TPU support plate is added in the heelpiece, which reinforce the locking and support of heelpiece. You know, the heelpiece of last generation only has a thin layer of taped, which has a big hidden danger in strength.

(The support bar on the shoe body of VaporMax 2019)

(Flyknit on the shoe body of VaporMax 2017)
The vamp uses present popular cicada’s wings composited material. Under the cicada’s wings, there is a rubber strip construction which connecting with the shoelaces. It improves the wrapping performance and the lateral support.

The gold shoelaces head is pretty, but it’s not metal material.

Comparing with last generation, the vamp material of VaporMax 2019 is a little stiff. But the support of the vamp is better. The stitching part is covered with taped which reinforce the support and also protect the the stitch not be easy to be scratched.

Below, we’ll compare with VaporMax 2017 and test VaporMax 2019.

After tighting the shoelaces, I feel that the shoelaces is tighter than last generation. However, after returning to the design concept of performance-based sneakers, compared with the Flyknit of last generation, the vamp design is not so comfort. It is essential to wear socks.

The above picture of VaporMax 2017 was tested on the Summer of 2017. The air temperature was about 25℃ . Below picture of VaporMax 2019 was tested on the Winter of 2019, The air temperature was about 0℃. I feel that the air cushion in Summer is more full. But the air cushion in Winter is easier to be treaded down. So the temperature would effect the performance of air cushion.

As the air cushion is not put into the inside foam material, there is only a layer of shoe-pad between the foot and air cushion. If comparing with the traditional foam cushioned sneaker, it likes the difference between infinitely variable speeds and gears variable speed. For the people who haven’t weared VaporMax series before, it needs times for adapting. Of course, it’s very cool to wear it and walk on the street.

As VaporMax 2019 upgrade the vamp, when testing uphill and downhill, emergency stop, running and jumping etc., we find that it has great progress than last generation. The stability of heelpiece, lateral support and wrap are superior to last generation.

As it uses the same outsole as last generation, it also inherits the disadvantages of last generation. Firstly, the traction is not great. The rigid plastic toothed nails touch with the ground directly, it’s lack of the rubber suppleness and force of friction. In addition, the structure of the outsole is distributed in grooves, which is easy to get stuck with small stones or other small items on the road. If you go to the grassland or cobbled road, it’s better to change other shoes, otherwise, it will be quite embarrassing.

Overall Review of VaporMax2019:
It uses the same outsole as last generation, and it aimed at the problem of insufficient support and improved the vamp, which makes VaporMax 2019 keep the VaporMax series’cool appearance, and also improve a lot of the support and stability of heelpiece. Comparing with the reputable socks design of VaporMax 2017, VaporMax 2019 upgrade and make up the the disadvantage, it has promoted the wearing durability and working life. As is well-known, VaporMax series sneakers is regarded as popular sneakers. Most of people choose this sneaker for walking, not for running. Obviously, the comfort and wearing durability is more important. The gains and losses of the improved VaporMax 2019 also depends on the market.

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