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You may can’t image that the strongest cushion technology is produced by PUMA.
PUMA launched the new HYBRID series. It keeps breaking through the sneaker’s technological innovation, and brings PUMA HYBRID ROCKET and PUMA HYBRID RUNNER.

PUMA mix the NRGY energy ball and IGNITE foam technology together and make HYBRID cushion insole technology. With the ultimate evolution of perfect integration, it provides the runners with the strong feedback of cushioning experience.

Left: Black IGNITE cushion material, Right: NRGY Energy Ball Particles

IGNITE cushion pay attention to the overall supporting stability, and NRGY energy ball particle is in charge of super resilience. They complement each other and maximize the integrated cushion effect.

In the spirit of Forever Fast, this series carry with the newest developed Hybrid insole technology. It band PUMA’s NRGY and Ignite technology together, to be the new Hybrid series.

BRGY was developed by PUMA and Huntsman which is an American company. The insole is filled with suspension particles, which offers moderate supporting feedback and suspension protection. And IGNITE pay higher attention on the elastic force feedback and protection.

PUMA Hybrid cushion technology is a hybrid-type material, which is mixed by NGRY cushion particles and IGNITE cushion material.

NRGY suspension particles initiate the new technology for running shoes suspension. It offers the suitable suspension protection for the foot when moving. When the runner runs every step, the NRGY technology play an important part in the insole.

PUMA HYBRID Rocket’s forefoot and heelpiece uses IGNITE elastic insole technology with NRGY cushion particles, which offers excellent energy feedback and cushion comfort to the feet. The midsole is assisted by EVA stabilizing construction to resist the risk of reversal. The sock type knitted vamp and heelpiece reinforcing TPU supporting plate design with reinforcing lacing system in midsole offers the better wrapping performance and stability.

Another one Hybrid Runner use Hybrid overall length insole design to offer energy feedback and excellent suspension. And the rubber outsole is extending to middle arch of the foot to increase stability. And it adds the stabilizing cut-parts in the outsole to avoid reversal.

HYBRID is using PUMA’s best technology IGNITE and NRGY to be a new insole material. The IGNITE foam offer support and stability. NRGY energy ball guarantee the resilience and cushion.It should be the most comprehensive insole technology. The midsole is presented in a contrasting tone, which makes the NGRY particles to be dazzling.

PUMA HYBRID Rocket uses separated insole design. The forefoot and heelpiece are combined with NRGY and IGNITE technology, which offers excellent cushion protection and energy feedback.
The color of HYBRID is black, white and red.

The special design of three stops separated insole make the shoes to be front, middle and rear area.

It increases the flexibility when running. It maximum reduce the running resistance. For the size, we suggest you to have a try on the store to choose the suitable size.

Five reasons to buy
1.The traction capacity of the outsole unit was appreciated by the testers.
2.The underfoot cushioning system of the Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner was considered to be responsive.
3.People generally liked the aesthetics of this running shoe.
4.The width profiles were welcomed as they apparently adhered to expectations.
5.Consumers lauded the overall durability of this product’s materials, stating that the components lasted long.

One reasons not to buy
Traction wasn’t very reliable on slippery or dusty surfaces, according to a tester.
Bottom line
The Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner was a surprise for many because they didn’t expect functionality to reign supreme in a fashionable silhouette.  But this road companion offered precisely that, and runners welcomed it with open arms. The durable build and the useful materials were also highlighted. And though the traction wasn’t apparently top-notch on slick surfaces, it didn’t deter the shoe enthusiasts.

Overall, the PUMAR HYBRID Rocket Runner is the first pair of sneakers with HYBRID cushion. The new design with new cushion give us a great surprise.

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