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​Puma Uproar Perofmance Review

Today, we want to talk about Puma Uproar ASG Fade Allstar colorway. This year, Eyton, Buckley and Knox on NBA Rising Stars Challenge weared this sneaker. Although Cousins can’t be selected in this year’s Allstar, but Cusins has changed to PUMA UPROAR, and giving up Puma Clyde Court Disrupt.

Shoe Box

It’s the normal shoe box like Puma Clyde Court Disrupt.


For the colorway, for saluting Charlotte All Star Game, it’s used two colorways. As Charlotte hornet was called Charlotte Bobcats, so left shoe is Bobcats’ blue and orange colorway, and the right one is blue and purple. The midsole also use gradient ramp. After getting the shoes, we find that the color of actual product is dark.


It both has the sense of retro and science & technology, such as the mesh shoe head and shoe tongue, the leather on both side of shoe vamp, the straightforward stitch, the insole modelling and the outsole lines etc. It also has the sense of science and technology on the long TPU of heelpiece and the Hyird cushion material of heelpiece insole.

But it looks like basketball shoes and retro running shoes. What do you think?

The unit weight of single shoe reaches 460g. It’s 30g heavier than Kyrie 5.


Supporting Performance

Both side of shoe vamp use stiff leather. It doesn’t have extra supporting plate.

The area of shoe laces are extended to the mesh of heelpiece. It makes up the air permeability and increase the integral comfort. The padding on the heelpiece area is also thick. After fastening the shoe laces, you will feel that the vamp fit well with the feet.

The covering area of heelpiece TPU is big. The middle part of TPU’s supporting strength is good. But the supporting of two sides is weaker.

The insole cushion uses Hybrid, NRGY and Ignite material. It exposes a big piece of Hybrid material which looks like Boost. But the sense of foot is not the same. If the Hybird of this pair of PUMA can be adjusted well, it will be a bright spot of this sneaker.

The outsole part is normally. The outsole grains is horizontal and vertical. Comparing with most of the sneakers, the junction of outsole and insole of this sneaker is very smooth without grains. It’s easy to cause slipping when moving. Why Not Zer0.2 also has this problem. It’s possible to make this pair of sneaker to be casual shoes, but not basketball shoes.

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