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Nike Air Max 720 Performance Review

Last year, AIR MAX 270 was launched with a new look that other sneakers never have. And it become the top selling sneaker in North American last year. Although this year’s AIR MAX DAY is not coming, but another pair of revolutionary AIR MAX sneaker, AIR MAX 720 is launched. And it get more attention than AIR MAX 270.
As Air Max Day is coming son, the topic of technological breakthrough reminds us one of NIKE’s classical technology–AIR MAX.

From the evolution of Nike Air Vapormax to Nike Air Max 270, we can see clearly the determination of Nike to put AIR MAX on daily fashion styles. In fact, Nike Air Vapormax and Nike Air Max 270 have well finished this historical mission.
It took 30 years for Nike to finish the comprehensive evolution from sport to fashion sport. Even more incredibly, Nike hasn’t slowed down the pace of evolution.

NIKE AIR MAX 720 shock our eyes and feet once again. The air max thickness of Nike Air Max 270 is 3.2cm, and Nike Air Max 720 increases about 19% of the AIR MAX thickness to 3.8cm.

The biggest highlight of this sneaker is also the named source of AIR MAX 720. The air cushion unit in the insole is 360° visible both horizontal and vertical views. So it’s named as 720.

If the Air Max 270 with 3.2cm thick air cushion has become the synonym of comfort, the Air Max 720 which is about 0.6cm thicker than Air Max 270 is an unprecedented air max sneaker.

In addition to the improvement of technology and the upgrade of cushion effect, the AIR MAX 720’s air cushion configuration around the whole insole also bring a sense of fashion. It’s worthy to mentioning that 75% of Air Max 720 parts are made of regrown material. It ensures the performance of sneaker, but it’s also environmental protection, which also shows the futuristic nature of Air Max 720. The first launched colorway mix the lava flow, aurora borealis, the Milky Way, sunset and other elements of natural scenery together. It’s very dazzling.

Nike Air Max 720 has the thickest Air Max cushion sneaker throughout history. It’s a pair of retro and futuristic sneaker.

The first launched color that I get is purple. Different with previous AIR MAX series, NIKE Air Max 720 uses a circular Air Max design. The Air Max surrounding the whole insole like a air ring encircle your feet and brings great air compressing resilient feedback.

The shoe body of Air Max 720 is made of layering fabric and composite, which make it has excellent support and soft experience. The fabric material has its advantages, such as the appearance design, the colorway of fabric vamp can be more diversified. And Flyknit can’t compare with fabric material for the stability and wrapping performance. Nike Air Max 720 don’t need extra modules to improve the support. And it also has great air permeability. I feel strong air compressing feedback from the big air cushion of Nike Air Max 720. The thick lining of Air Max 720 can offer enough wrapping performance.

The Nike Air Max 720 is definitely the best Air Max in recent years. But does it the limitation of NIKE? I can answer with absolute certainly, it must not. Even if Nike Air Max 720 is impressive enough, but NIKE will break our imagination with more powerful evolution in the future.

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