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Adidas D Rose 8 Performance Review

The D Rose 7 had arguably one of the best traction patterns to touch a basketball court last year.It has been popular in the sneaker world .

Now  the  Adidas D Rose 8, currently set to launch in this black, gold and white colorway.

Today we are talking about it .

A departure from some of the more elaborate designs from earlier in the line, the D Rose 8 is a fairly simple high-top constructed with mesh and synthetic materials, while retaining a Boost cushioning setup. The shoe also features a twisted lacing system.


For cushioning , it is amazing , a Boost cushioning setup  which give us more bounce . Especially the Full length Boost utilized , that great  and amazing back returning when you playing.The court feel as well. These feel exactly like the CrazyLight Boost 2016 what give us .

For traction , Traction pattern is a bit finer for more clean-court grip and the lateral TPU cage at the forefoot has been altered.It does give off the vibe of Adidas , but for me , the CLB16’s tooling was ridiculously more comfortable than the CE and Rose 7.Then the Drose 8 was better .  Quietly could be an amazing shoe if the upper works out.

The D eose 8 ‘s traction will be better then last version .the grip obviously great .

For material , The D Rose 8 features an ultra-breathable mesh upper with an integrated lace cord for lockdown.The mesh is great for those that prefer softer materials that require little to no break-in time. and this material are durability .There is little to no stretch when you are not losing support from the materials  .But it is still have a stiff for the upper .

The shoe also features a twisted lacing system. it is lockdown your feet very well . this  lacing system similar to what we’ve seen on the Crazy Explosive and CrazyLight Boost.


Overall , the Drose 8 is better and the cushioning set up is amazing . They are for sure lighter than the 7s,  it is worth to buy .

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Adidas D Rose 8 Performance Review

This summer  there deputed a lot of  new sneakers ,such as Cavs boast three with LeBron James, a soon-to-be-departing Kyrie Irving and so on .Now D-Rose bounced back in a major way last season with the Knicks and managed to stay healthy enough to compete in a full-time starter role in 66 games. His adidas D Rose 7 was quite the performance beast thanks to full-length Boost and dynamic lockdown panels.

Today we are talking about it .


For the box , it is nothing special . The three stripes refine that template as the sneakers.



D Rose 8 featuring fuse-like overlays for plenty of ventilation while Boost lands on the heel ,and it is used the material which improve the  breathability .compare with 7 generation shoe  which comfort  slightly  but for better permeability more lightweight and better durability.

For the weight , it is just only 421g, it is lighter than anthers.

The Rose8 is still full length this time .  and compare with the 7 generation of boost ,we  can feel the Rose 8  improve the density of boost . Now we can feel more still  compare with 7 . it is a good things for not too soft .Maybe someone who bought the 7  know this feeling .  that is great for Rose 8 . and it is used the TPU in the midsold .Actually  it is follow the clb2016,but for me , I like it very much .




For the grip , it  is the main reason to buy shoes ,because  of defense needs to excellent grip  through the suddenly stop or running , so Rose 8 did its job well . the traction is a little soft but the line of bottom can improve the grip .maybe it is the material reason .

For the supporting , it is also great . The 7 generation used the huge sponge to protect the heel . But the 8  utilized the great  upper vamp that more breathability  and the lacing system newly designed, it is will be lockdown the feet  well .

TPU utilized  and the rose of the TPU is particularly hard, plus the  design  V type stability is great .


Insole of inside was plus thick . Overall , the Rose 8 was more perfect then 7 , and it is worth to buy 。