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adidas Pro Bounce Low PE Performance Review

When the Adidas Crazy Boost 2017 first appeared, I know many people were trying their best to pick it just like me. Yes, I think I must like it so much that I even start saving money in order to get it . But now,when I see the official images of Pro Bounce ,I admitted it was quite unacceptable for me because I think it is much worse than Adidas Crazy Boost whether in design or setting.

So what is it actually like? Today we will have a check.


First of all,I’ll talk about the appearance.Well,what I picked was not the black/white but the low-top one. Honestly speaking, the shoe fits my socks so much! Doesn’t it ?

The upper of this sneaker is a PK woven version. Below is a image about Crazy Explosive 2017 PK,you can make some comparison between them.

For the shoe tongue,as you can see,it is designed well. And the heel part is also woven and it wraps well. However,what makes me down is that the TPU equipped in the heel is a bit small,which brings the result that the heel cushion is not enough.

Secondly,it’s about the traction.Well,I dare not say I am a senior basketball player,but as a basketball fan like many of you, I know the traction of a shoe is of great importance.To some extent, a good traction may even add points to your performance.

Here I must mention it that the shoe’s traction is made of raw water crystal.For its shape you can see in the picture below. However,I must admit that I don’t understand the traction design quite well,a bit confused.But even so,during my whole actual combat, I knew I’ve got the right one which helped me greatly.It just gripped the court tightly when I needed it did so.And with it,I can change my movements with ease. But I think I need to suggest you that you had better not play in it on dusty courts.

Next,I will talk about the cushion. For this setup,the shoe has equipped with a big Bounce.When I see the Crazy Explosive 2017 PK’s cushion,of course,I will definitely make a comparison between them because the most concerned part is the cushioning. As I’ve said,there is a big Bounce (its cost is low) placed in the shoe ,which results in the low price of this Pro Bounce.

But even the cost is low, I would tell you the shoe’s cushion is pretty excellent and it even makes me think of the Dame 3 which is as excellent as Pro Bounce. Based on my experience,I am quite satisfied with the setup for I can feel its elasticity and it is super enjoyable.


Then it’s time to tell you some about wrapping. There are some fillers in the shoe which is used to make up of the defect that the TPU brought. In daily wearing you can feel that your foot are wrapped well.


Finally,I’d like to talk about the support. Before formal introduction, I’d like to talk about the use of TPU. Firstly, it offers support for its wearer. Secondly, it helps improve stability and prevent some injuries. So,how well can the shoe perform in this aspect? Sadly,I must tell you its performance is quite disappointing. Therefore,if you can’t accept this you’d better consider again and again.

Overall :

Objectively speaking, its cushion and grip are super good. So,if you’ve decided to make it be your next target of purchase then you’d better grab it as soon as possible.But,if you can’t accept its shortcomings then I suggest you choose a high-top and engineering mesh one.In short,I think I’ve got my favorite one,so happy!



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Adidas Harden B/E Performance Review

James Harden has a new signature shoe releasing later this summer, and the Harden LS by  Lonzo Ball is releasing soon . Because of  the good looking ,so many people are always focust on it .But today we are talking about the Harden B/E, Compare with the new sneakers recently , such as the the Harden LS,the price of Harden B/E will be lower and all of performance are well .

Today we are talking the Harden B/E .

“Brothers Through Everything.” Harden said that . These basketball shoes are inspired by the words James Harden lives by.

For Cushion .BOUNCE cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility. though coampare with the Harden Vol.1, the cushioning is not very well , but for  me , I like the the Bounce very much , it is like the Dame 3,Lillard 2,D.Rose Dominate IV, I felt great and comfortable . Also the price is worth the quality . The midsole use Bounce TM technology to provide cushioning design, let the players feel comfortable when wearing, we also can feel very comfortable on the court .  Especially the foresole ,I can feel the cushioning is lighter and there is a short bounce time when player  on the court .

Cushion are following the Harden Vol.1,and it is not satisfied the star speed for the excellent cushion .  I think this has been a feature of Bounce basketball shoes, always keep the bradyseism quite good, the price is relatively acceptable.

For material  : Harden B/E used the upper irregular traction technology  which follow  Harden Vol. 1. It is  on not only uppers changing , also showing a unique aesthetic design this time .  and equipped with new supporting elements, effectively strengthen the supporting force of the foot parcel. In addition, the shoes with full duplex tongue structure which improve the supporting and enhanced the overall fit of shoes. The uppers materail and  designed to ensure air permeability when we plying .

The toe position by the leather covering, ensure durable, easy to show James Harden Europe step sign shooting attack step.The Air mesh upper for maximum breathability, That is one  reason why I chosse it in the summer .In addition, toe reinforcement, anti rollover design also are the reason to attract by people .

For  supporting , Asymmetrical lacing system for maximum lockdown and support. the  lacsing system is chaning a lot coampare with last version . it is improve the support anyway .

Rubber of outsole inspired by the geometric Fibonacci sequence to engineer tread pattern for ultimate grip on court which have not problem for  the sudden stop in disguise .Textured leather toe and midfoot overlay for protection.

The textile lining is comfortable .

However , the lace system design , I don’t like it , it can not easy to keep and lose .

Overall , the asymmetrical construction while a unique mesh webbing system adds an alien-like aesthetic with more breathability than his first signature. Especially the excellent  quality ,it is worth to buy .

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Adidas Utra boost 3.0 oreo Performance Review

The adidas  always the hot popular brand  in the sneaker world .The adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 “Oreo” with a speckled and striped Footwear White and CoreBlack base colorway .

For the box ,it is nothing special .

The Ultra Boost upper abandons the use of a regular tongue and collar design, and instead adopts a full bootie construction, which means that the walls of the rearfoot opening run broken. To make it easier for the foot to slide in, the collar fabrics are elasticated, coupled with an exaggerated Achilles area.


For material , it is utilized  the Primeknit upper which improve the ventilation , it is very snug  when we running or jumping . The shoes is lighter . I love it very much .

For supporting ,The adidas Ultra Boost continues its dominant stretch as a must-have running model thanks to its comfortable full-length Boost cushioning system,and its unique ability to appeal to streetwear enthusiasts which an elegant design perfect for any occasion. I have to say it is did the job well .

There are translucent three stripe cage overlays, and a perfected Continental rubberized outsole unit utilized .

It is one heck of an interesting and promising update around the incredible Boost midsole technology.its durable components and the responsiveness of its mid-sole. Many people were able to stay comfortable throughout their running activities. That is the best reason why many people follow the boost .

Overall,it was worth the investment because of its overall quality and technology , This road shoe became highly recommended by neutral runners. And the good look . I believed that a lot of people will choose it .