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Air Jordan 6 Performance Review

For the Air Jordan 6, it has been a popular classic shoes since designed by Tinker Hatfield and debuted in 1991. The shoe features a mix of leather, number “23” branding on the upper, visible Air, and a rubber sole. and the version of ‘Oreo’ is one of the most popular colorways of the Air Jordan VI (6).

So luck that I got one in last year. we can check the details as below :

Jordan Brand has something special planned for this summer: they’re bringing back the Jordan 6 Low in at least 3 colorways. One of them will be the Air Jordan 6 Low “Oreo”. Icy blue touch on the outsole, as the shoe sticks with the purest form of the translucent bottom instead. A chrome lace lock matches the Metallic Silver branding on the tongue and heel.  it is the most classic  colorway for the Jordan’s

For the material :the greatest contribution air Jordan has made to the world basketball sneakers is their sheer variety. there is a Jordan for every sort of wearer, and every style of personality. The jordan 6 retro can be easily slipped off and on via two holes in the tongue and modified heel . the upper used the different material.

For the supporting :One part of supporting is from the material shoes. and the high top design of Jordan 6 retro provides extra stability and comfort for the ankle , vitally important to the support of pivoting and other sudden motions. the perforated holes along the exterior allow for the release and intake of cool air ,while a reinforced toe cap requested by Jordan himself prevents injury


For the cushioning :it is nice The Polyurethane is dense and the Air Units are embedded within so you won’t receive a comfortable ride but the impact is being absorbed a little.but if you are looking for the better, maybe it is not enough…


For the traction : it will be oxidation  , that is a problem we can not deal with …. then the grip is nice .however, if kept clean they are actually very good at keeping your foot planted on the floor no matter what you were doing.Personally I use a traction mat but you can easily bring a lint roller or a roll of duct tape with you to quickly remove debris from the sole. the jumpman logo as usually classic . but if you are looking for the great traction , maybe it not the best version for you .

there are the details  in the tag of inside .

Overall, it is nice , compare  with   running shoes , it is also comfortable, but the cushioning of NMD  will be better. The whole material  is nice  and the insoles  also great.   for the traction , it is a little stiff. but the grip is nice .

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Air Jordan 6 CNY Performance Review

Jordan Brand will be celebrating Chinese New Year with the Air Jordan 6 CNY for January 2018.The Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival is one of the biggest event celebrated in China. The festival lasts for about 23 days, ending on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the following year in the Chinese calendar. During the festival, houses are clean spotless, red posters with poetic verses are put on doors, red lanterns adorn many people’s homes. It’s also a time where many people visit their relatives. The climax comes in the evening of Spring Festival Eve where people set off fireworks and firecrackers to cast away bad luck and attract good luck.

Today ,we got one .

For the box, it is simply and there are the details for the side 

and there is a paper with firework .

For the material :  you can kind of recognize all the elements of the Festival on it, the most notable one being the fireworks and firecrackers in the upper . that  is  might not be the finished product and the mesh material of the upper , the breathability is great , I  can feel the air through the shoe .

For the supporting:the special design of the  firework Embroidery and  the material offer the great supporting if you want some material support and flexibility along the upper then this type of setup would work as far as materials are concerned. it the best one that you choose 

For the traction : it used the  a specific traction pattern  that followed the last versionif kept clean they are actually very good at keeping your foot planted on the floor no matter what you were doing,Personally I use a traction mat but you can easily bring a lint roller or a roll of duct tape with you to quickly remove debris from the sole.that is great.

For the cushioning,it has been with the Air Jordan design ,  The cushioning  is dense and  it has been did perfect job.There are plenty to choose from and can be catered to your specific needs

Overall , It’s a shoe that offers many great attributes while falling short on others and the special firework Embroidery provide the holiday joy for tradition  Chinese spring. Don’t miss it